Neschanic Reform Church Cemetery, NJ--- Analog EMF meter registered a surge at this site. PI recorded this voice saying "Begone!" For more on this investigation see Weird NJ, Issue #34, May 2010, "Daylight Ghosthunting" by Tom Petuskey
Lambertville High School Ruin, NJ---PI stood in doorless entryway on first floor and shouted, "Hello!" A voice that we suspect was that of a teacher's ghost responded, "Have to teach you some rules!"
Tuckerton Methodist Cemetery, NJ---This is one of the EVPs recorded while a PI was reading the inscriptions on the tombstones. "Kiss Me!"
PI asked, "We'd appreciate it if you could speak with us tonight!" Voice responded, "Are you guys Union?"
PI asked,"We'd like to know if you are from the Union side or the Confederacy."
Voice says, "This is the Union, and we would like your password!"
"Here they come!"
Bedroom of a private residence. PI introduced himself and another team member. Response was "Run!" Then a faint beep from the trimeter is heard followed by "Run away!"
Graveyard on the island of Iona, Inner Hebrides, Scotland. PI said, "All right, we're leaving now!" Voice said, "Hold it!"
Site of the Battle of Culloden. On April 16, 1746 the Jacobite army under Bonnie Prince Charlie were defeated by the Duke of Cumberland. 1500 to 2000 Jacobites were killed versus 50 British troops. EVP says, "Who died here?" (2 Clips)
"Here they come!" Other sounds are the PI's footsteps across the battlefield.
Backyard of private residence. "My son lives here!"
Elks Club, East Brunswick, NJ. Seance. Participant asks spirit to come to the table. Sound of footsteps (amplified).
Private residence in northern New Jersey. PI asked spirits to approach and touch instruments that were placed on a livingroom table (trimeter w/alarm, K2 meter, and geophone). Suddenly the alarm sounds and the K2 lights advance. After the alarm was reset, a rough, raspy voice says, "There's your proof!"
Shanley Hotel, Naponach, NY.
(2 Clips) Dating back to the 1800's, this hotel had a rich an varied history. Originally a hotel that hosted the likes of Thomas Edison and Eleanor Roosevelt, its storied past included illegal booze, mobsters, a brothel, and several deaths. Our investigation included members of the New Jersey Ghost Organization and the Central Jersey Paranormal Research Group. This EVP was captured on the unrenovated third floor in a room reputedly frequented by a member of the mob. First you will hear a gunshot followed by the last gasp of the victim. Another muffled sound (2nd gunshot?) is heard immediately afterward.
PI asks what year it is. Man's voice says "Nineteen-oh-five!"
Full spectrum image in an 1830's house in Central (2 Clips)
New Jersey. When probing for EVPs, investigators try to extract names or descriptions that further research may connect with the house's past history. Here, a New Jersey Ghost Organization investigator working with SCOPE obtains the name "Hennessy."
Same house, but this time we recorded a description. "He's a gardener!"
     Below are some of SCOPE NJ's most intriguing digital recordings derived from several of our famous cases. They are featured here to advance paranormal research and to serve as evidence that the essence of a person's identity survives death. Adjust speaker volume as necessary!
Sach's Bridge, Gettysburg, PA. Civil war battle site. (3 Clips)
Note: PI in text below stands for Paranormal Investigator.
We captured this EVP at the Old Burlington County Jail using an Olympus VN 960PC digital recorder. Is it the voice of the murdered guard or one of the prisoners? He says,"I'm dying in here! Please help me!" Turn up your volume if necessary.
 Not a real EVP. Just Gary's reaction when I walked out of a dark cell at the end of a cellblock just as he was walking by. You NEVER know what could happen on an investigation!
February 18, 2011