Paranormal Quiz XXV
Autumn 2017
     Welcome Paranormal Quiz fans! Here's your chance to once again demonstrate your knowledge of paranormal trivia. Below is a mixed bag of questions. Some are multiple choice and others require you to fill in the blank with the correct answer. When finished, scroll to the bottom for the answers. Good luck and Happy Haunting!
1. In 1994 at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, eight teenagers died in an attraction that caught fire. Was the name of the attraction A. Haunted Castle B. House of Terror C. Cave of Shrieks.

2. The following witches' quote is found in one of Shakespeare's plays:
"Double, double, toil and trouble
Fire burn and cauldron bubble."
Was the play A. Hamlet B. Macbeth C. Othello

3. The full-spectrum camera used by ghosthunters and paranormal researchers captures images in three light spectrum areas. Two of them are infrared light and visible light. What is the name of the third spectrum?

4. A swirling funnel of energy that transports spirits in and out of locations or dimensions is known as a ___________.

5. Tombstone, Arizona's legendary graveyard houses a number of gunslingers. One of them who haunts this place is Billy Clanton who was killed in a gunfight at the O.K. Corral. What is the name of this famous graveyard?

6. In Jewish lore, the restless soul of a dead person that takes possession of a living human's body is known as A. a Dybbuk B. a Baykok C. a Rhadomancer

7. A skeletal figure that grasps a large scythe and is cloaked in black with a hood is known as the "Angel of Death." Another common name for it is the ________ ________.

8. Many paranormal researchers utilize a "Ghost Box" to communicate with spirits. Sometimes they place the box in a special protective enclosure to prevent interference from radio or T.V. signals. The enclosure is called a ___________ ___________.

9. Who said, "Never believe anything you hear from an inhuman haunting."?

10. When the mind endeavors to interpret certain patterns or shapes and identifies them as something that they are not the process is called ______________.

1. Haunted Castle

2. Macbeth

3. Ultraviolet

4. Vortex

5. Boot Hill

6. Dybbuk

7. Grim Reaper

8. Faraday Cage

9. Jason Hawes of TAPS

10. Matrixing or Paradolia
10                               Professor

8 - 9                            Assistant Professor

5 - 7                            Grad Student

3 - 4                            Average Student

1 - 3                            Videogame Nut

0                                 At Sea
# Correct                   Rank