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Summer 2017
Anything Can Happen on a Paranormal Investigation: Get Ready to be Surprised!
If you've been investigating the paranormal for some time, you know that gathering evidence at a suspected haunted site often can be very disappointing. You flood the place with your equipment in the hopes of picking up some convincing video, still photos, EVPs, or other data that will support the client's claim that his house is haunted. You spend several hours moving about the site waiting for something to happen, something that will perhaps excite you and your dedicated team of researchers, something that will bring your investigation to a thrilling conclusion and prove that the place undoubtedly is haunted. But, very often you discover that those strange noises the client reported in the attic are nothing more than nesting squirrels or the mysterious attic door that seemingly opens by itself has a defective lock mechanism and the change of air pressure in the attic sometimes causes the door to pop open. Perhaps there's a daughter in the household who often experiences dizziness, nausea, and the constant feeling of not being alone in her bedroom. But your trimeter detects a consistently high level of EMF caused by a defect in the electrical wiring inside a wall behind the bed where the innocent victim sleeps. Yes, many times natural causes are discovered by astute investigators for the anomalies reported by the client and other witnesses.
Ah! But then there are the memorable occasions when something happens to arouse your sensibility. Perhaps it's an EVP that corresponds to a former owner of the house who died many years ago or an eerie stealthy shadow that breaks the laser matrix you set up in the cellar and is captured for posterity on video. How about the nervous racket generated by the REM Pod you placed in the livingroom where grandma passed away two years ago and the CCTV camera you set up in the room shows a white misty form taking shape as the REM Pod announces the ghostly presence. Like a boy scout, you must be prepared for these things and take the time to relish the adventure, the excitement, and grandeur of what just took place.
Reflected IR image of a shadowy figure captured by a Sony DSC-V1 Nightshot camera on the 2nd floor of the Jennie Wade House in Gettysburg, PA
Photo by Tom Petuskey
Autumn 2017
Use Trigger Objects to Evoke a Ghost to Manifest
     If you read my Autumn Blog (2017) that reviewed Dr. J.C. Knight's book,"Ghost Physics," you'll obtain a better understanding of why trigger objects work. He says that among other things, a spirit possesses an emotional component in its massless conscious energy that can be aroused with the judicious use these devices . Typically, you can employ toys to spur a child ghost's interest or other objects that would evoke an adult spirit's sense of pleasure or satisfaction.
     Dr. Knight says that since the Higgs Boson facilitates the transition of mass to energy when a person dies, it can also reverse the process to a degree that may allow a spirit to manifest by temporarily converting some of its energy back to mass. Since photons have a duality and exist as both waves and particles of mass, the photon particles can be reflected off the spirit and back to the observer who can then visibly perceive the entity. However, remember that a manifestation or ghostly presence also can take on auditory, kinesthetic and olfactory forms of expression as EVPs, unexplained sounds, or certain odors like perfume or tobacco smoke.
    To sum up this approach, try to find something that may be directed at a spirit's emotional energy, but be sure that you have your cameras and other equipment ready to record any evidence that results from your efforts.
     In closing, I would not attempt to upset a ghost through insult or some other form of verbal abuse. This approach may only have negative results for the paranormal researcher. Practice "positive provoking" instead.
    The photo at right shows a partial manifestation in a jail cell captured by SCOPE NJ at the Burlington County Jail Museum, March 2011.
Photo by Tom Petuskey
Winter 2017
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!
     There's mounting evidence among paranormal researchers that, under certain conditions, mirrors may become haunted corridors that allow ghosts, demons, and possibly other entities to gain access to our dimension. We've always suspected that this is the case, and our investigation of an 1800's private residence in Moorestown during August of 2015 reinforced this conviction. Although the whole house was haunted, the master bedroom was one of the more active locations where apparitions and mysterious voices were witnessed. During our investigation of this room, we captured excellent video and EVP evidence. For more information, click on the "Moorstown Ghosts" button on the "Index" page of this website.
     In the master bedroom, we discovered that two antique mirrors were facing each other--a prerequisite condition for a haunted corridor. We theorized that the ghosts that were witnessed in the room were able to take advantage of this. During a ghostbox EVP session, I bluntly asked the spirits if they wanted the owners of the house to take the mirrors out of the room and a voice replied, "I want them!"
     So our ghosthunting tip for this winter is simply this--when you are investigating a suspected haunted residence or other location keep your eyes peeled for mirrors that may be facing each other. You may have stumbled on the portal that is allowing ghosts to come and go at their leisure.
Photo by Tom Petuskey
Photo by Tom Petuskey
Simple Dowsing Rods
     When conducting paranormal research, many teams use the latest electronic gadgets that often include various EMF meters, cameras, audio recorders, and much more. I won't elaborate on the plethora of equipment available in the marketplace, since this blog will focus on an instrument that likely has been around for centuries. I'm talking about dowsing rods! Indeed, the mere mention of them may conjure up an image in one's mind of a wizened old man walking around a field with a forked willow branch in an effort to find a source of water. Yet, dowsing rods have been employed up to the current day for much more. For example, while walking our dog, Molly, I have seen utility workers from time to time in our neighborhood using simple dowsing rods to locate underground powerlines, water pipes, and cable tv lines. On one occasion, I spotted one of these guys using dowsing rods directly in front of our house. I seized the opportunity to introduce myself to the gentleman and ask him for advice about using the rods. He was extremely friendly and courteous, and he patiently waited while I retrieved my homemade set of dowsing rods from my house. It took him about ten minutes to show me how to use them, and I was able to locate a water main on our street as well as an underground 10,000 volt powerline that merged with a transformer that fed electricity to several of the houses in our neighborhood.
   As you can see, dowsing rods have many applications. In fact, they are being employed by many paranormal research teams to find vortex locations and even spirits. The adjoining photos show a pair of rods produced by our SCOPE NJ Co-founder, John Polak. They consist of sections of ordinary metal coat hangers with plastic sleeves to allow unfettered movement of the rods. They are easy to construct and use. The trick is to hold them steady and balanced while walking in your chosen location. You'll know when you hit "paydirt" when the rods turn inward and cross one another. How do they work? No one knows for sure. They just do! However, a key to success while using them is to concentrate on what you are looking for. So create an image in your mind of your objective and you should have no trouble finding it assuming that it is in your proximity. Good Luck!
Spring 2018
Photo by Tom Petuskey