Paranormal Quiz XXIII
Spring 2017
     Welcome SCOPE NJ quiz fans to another tantalizing set of questions designed to explore your knowledge of some esoteric paranormal trivia.
This season we are featuring ten famous ghost hunters or paranormal researchers of the past and present. Get a piece of paper and your favorite writing instrument and try to match the short bios of these individuals with their names and photos. Good luck! When finished, scroll down to check your answers.
1. American paranormal researcher and author of over 120 books on ghosts and the afterlife. Born in Vienna, Austria. Taught parapsychology at the New York Institute of Technology, and worked with a number of famous mediums while conducting and documenting investigations throughout the United States. Appeared on a number of radio and T.V. shows during his career.

2. British author who wrote more than 100 books on a variety of occult subjects including "Ghost Encounters...Finding Phantoms and Understanding Them." Expert on Neopaganism, new age spirituality, crystals, and witchcraft.

3. Founder of the Atlantic Paranormal Society based in Warwick, Rhode Island. Together with Grant Wilson, he appeared in numerous episodes of the popular T.V. show "Ghost Hunters" that is largely responsible for the expansive interest in paranormal research and ghost hunting.

4. In 1952 cofounded the New England Society for Psychical Research. Gifted psychic and author of several books about paranormal research and investigations conducted together with an equally famous spouse who was also a demonologist. Has appeared in dozens of films, T.V. series, and talk shows. One case, the Amityville Haunting, enjoyed worldwide publicity and a number of spin-off books and films.

5. Author, paranormal researcher, and investigator who wrote several books regarding ghosts and other occult subjects. His groundbreaking book, "How to Hunt Ghosts" is a pioneer work that inspired countless paranormal enthusiasts. Has appeared on a number of T.V. and radio shows including Ghost Adventures.

6. Wrote for Fate Magazine and was a consultant for the American Society of Psychical Research. Taught parapsychology at John F. Kennedy University and was on the advisory board for the Rhine Research Center. Founded the Office of Paranormal Investigation. Has appeared on several T.V. programs including Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, A & E, and the Sci Fi Channel.

7. British psychic researcher and author best known for investigating the famous Borley Rectory in Essex, England. A true pioneer in paranormal research who made use of a variety of materials to detect the presence of ghosts.

8. American paranormal investigator as well as actor and host of the Travel Channel series Ghost Adventures. Known for employing state-of-the-art paranormal research equipment during his investigations. Co-wrote a book with Kelly Crigger entitled "Dark World." They also co-wrote "I Am Haunted: Living Life Through the Dead."

9. Founder of the New Jersey Ghost Hunter's Society and author of "Ghost Hunting New York City," "Ghost Hunting New Jersey," and "Ghosts of the Poconos." Has appeared on radio and T.V. shows to advance the cause of paranormal research.

10. Paranormal researcher, investigator, and demonologist from Connecticut who is the star of the hit T.V. show "Haunted Collector." Has made several appearances on other T.V. shows including "Unsolved Mysteries" and programs on the Discovery Channel.
Lloyd Auerbach
Lorraine Warren
John Zaffis
Hans Holzer
L'Aura Hladik Hoffman
Harry Price
Josh Warren
Cassandra Eason
Jason Hawes
Zac Bagans
1 D

2 H

3 I

4 A

5 G

6 B

7 F

8 J

9 E

10 C
How Well Did You Do?
Number Correct
10...............Professor of Parapsychology

8-9..............Exemplary Researcher

6-7..............Student of the Paranormal

3-5..............Lackluster Performance

1-2..............Stop playing video games and read more!

0..................Matched the I.Q. of Primordial Slime
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