The Devil's Tree
     The infamous "Devil's Tree" is located in an unkempt park in the Martinsville section of Bernards Township, New Jersey. It has a long history comprised of both factual and legendary information. It is suggested that visitors to our website read the interesting background of the tree. Two links are provided on this page for your convenience.
     Below are some photos, and EVPs from SCOPE NJ's recent investigation of the tree during summer, 2016.
Devil's Tree Links
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Try to Scare Me
View from the approach to the Devil's Tree. Note that the sign says that the park is closed a half-hour after sunset.
Rose Marie, our SCOPE NJ medium, does her thing and evokes a visitor! Enlarged photo of anomaly at right.
Over the years, the tree has been senselessly attacked by ignorant visitors. It bears the scars of hatchet marks and fire.
Despite its abuse, the tree clings to life as evidenced by the leaf canopy; however, the tree's cambrium has been severly compromised and its lifespan probably shortened.
Another orb, enlarged at right, appeared on the other side of the tree.
     Both Rosemarie and Tom did not feel uncomfortable during our respective visits. There was no sense of evil or impending danger. Indeed, it was the reverse. We felt at peace, and the gentle summer breeze coupled with the fluffy white clouds drifting above steered our minds away from the horrible, senseless acts that were committed below or near this sad, old oak tree.
Some Thoughts
This EVP was captured after I announced that I was going to take some pictures of the tree. It seemed to refer to the word that was carved into the truck as seen in the photo to the left.
"Evil! "
I walked toward the tree with my digital recorder to take a closer look at the trunk. A received a greeting!
"Hello there! "
If you happen to visit the tree, be respectful and don't leave any trash behind. The story of the "Devil's Tree" is just one of many fascinating tales that comprises the volume of wonderful myths and legends about New Jersey!
Some Parting Thoughts
 Select photos on this page (R.S.) were taken by Rose Marie Shapiro Copyright 2016.
Video: Approaching the Devil's Tree
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