We've all heard stories about ghosts that follow people home and then often make their presence known in unpredictable ways. Our Tech Manager, Steve, owns his own heating and air conditioning business that takes him all over the state. Whether he's providing service and equipment for commercial establishments or homeowners, he sometimes visits locations that would be a turn-on for paranormal researchers or ghost hunters.
    Recently, Steve traveled to a historic private residence in Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey where a contractor was doing some work for the new owner who had yet to move into the house. He had asked Steve to provide inspection and service for the heating and air conditioning systems.
     On one particular day, Steve finished his work and decided to walk over to the lake at the back of the property and take in the view. He discovered an old, weathered tombstone that was situated about 20 feet from the lake. Curious, he knelt down in front of the stone and tried to read the engraving. All he could make out was the last name, he thinks it's Robertson, and the dates 1800 to 1886. The writing on the bottom of the tombstone was very difficult to read so he took a picture of it with his smart phone with the idea of leisurely studying it at home.
     Ten minutes later, when he left for home he never imagined that he had a stowaway in his car. For the next three days, Steve was assaulted by the intense odor of cigarette smoke that permeated his house. Steve, his wife, and their daughter don't smoke. Sometimes Steve had to go out and sit on the porch to escape the odor.
     Steve concluded that because of his deep interest and curiosity in the tombstone, he had inadvertently brought home an uninvited guest. So one morning when he left for the job site on the lake, he said authoritatively, "Come on! I'm taking you home!" As he entered his truck to leave he said, "Ok climb in!" When he arrived at the site he said, "OK, we're here! You can get out of the car now. You're home!"
Sounds simple, but it worked. When he returned home that evening he realized that he was successful.
     To date, there has been no reoccurence of the mysterious smoke. It seems that the spirit who followed him home perhaps only wanted a brief vacation.
     The ability to discern paranormal-based odors is known as clairolefactor. I also have experienced this
on two occasions--once during a tour of the Doris Duke mansion in Hillsborough, New Jersey and at a private residence in Red Bank, New Jersey during an investigation. James Buchanan Duke, long deceased, started the American Tobacco Company and was an avid pipe and cigar smoker. In both instances, my wife and I had perceived the perfumy odor of pipe smoke!
     At some future date, I'll relate the another experience that Steve had at a job site. It was something you could only imagine as the product of a Hollywood horror story! I get the creeps every time he tells it!

Photo by Steve Wraight
Home of the Uninvited Guest
Steve's Uninvited Ghost!