Paranormal Quiz
     This season we are introducing a simple True and False Quiz pertaining to wide a variety of paranormal topics. So get your pen or pencil, a sheet of paper, and have a go at it. Answers are at the bottom of the page, but remember not to peek until you're finished! Good luck!
Winter 2015
1.  To debunk is to reveal a claim as being erroneous or exaggerated.
2.  A Gauss Meter is employed by ghosthunters to detect and measure levels of telepathy.
3.  A Faraday Cage is a wire mesh enclosure that prevents the intrusion of electromagnetic radiation.
4.  A Skin-Walker is a term from  Native American folklore applied to a person with the paranormal
      ability to turn into any animal that he or she desires.
5.  A Rune is the remains of a haunted castle or wall.
6.  Phrenology is another name for palm reading.
7.  A Grand Grimoire is an instructional text for use in ceremonial magic and the casting of spells.
8.  A Close Encounter of the First Kind is the interaction of a human being with an alien who stepped out of an
     unidentified object (UFO).
9.  According to superstition, the Witching Hour is the time at which all paranormal activity is at its peak
      and which occurs at midnight and usually during a full moon.
10.  A Calundronius is a magical stone said to repel all forms of evil and to convey to the owner certain
       advantages over his or her enemies.
True or False?
1. True
2. False- It's a device that is used to detect and measure an electromagnetic field.  It's also known
    as an EMF meter or magnetometer.
3.  True
4.  True
5.  False-  A rune is an archaic character inscribed upon a clay tablet or stone representing some
     virtue or characteristic and is usually employed for divination and as a talisman.
6.  False-  Phrenology is the reading of personality and mental ability based on an examination of 
      the bumps, depressions, and contours of a person's skull.
7.  True
8.  False-  A Close Encounter of the First Kind defines the sighting of a UFO, but without any
     interaction between the object and the witness or the environment.
9.  True
10. True
How Well Did You Do"?
# Correct
10             = You're a Wizard
8 to 9        = Wizard's assistant
6 to 7        = Satisfactory knowledge
4 to 6        = Go back and review the material
2 to 3        = Consult with a phrenologist
0 to1         = Don't leave the house
The Paranormal Dictionary by Chad Stambaugh
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Copyright 2013
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