Our MEL REM antenna is hooked up to a sensitive metal swing as a trigger prop. It was activated by something that touched the swing and set off the lights and alarm.
   During August, 2015, SCOPE NJ investigated a private residence in Moorestown, New Jersey that was built in the 1850's. Because it is a private residence, we can't give you it's precise location or the last names of the owners. However, they did give us permission to share some of our extensive evidence with you.
After they initially contacted us and asked us for help, they listed a number of unexplained events such as mysterious footsteps, shadow persons, ghostly faces, banging and knocks on the roof, doors opening without human assistance, objects flying off the kitchen counter and landing on the middle of the floor, whispering and voices, and children running and laughing.
Our investigation confirmed several "hotspots" in the house where we found a lot of anomalies. They were notably the livingroom, master bedroom 2nd. floor, daughter's bedroom 3rd. floor, and the hallway 2nd. floor.

One of our CCTV infrared cameras captured several orbs that floated over a table in the livingroom as we were conducting an EVP session with a P-SB7 Ghostbox. I was able to see them clearly as indicated in this video clip. Spirit voices were recorded during the appearance of the orbs.
Steve and Chad during a tour of the house.
Diane and Carol record baseline readings in each room for temperature, humidity, and EMF
John and Chad check out the basement.
Michelle relaxes next to our equipment crates. She managed the SCOPE NJ control center we set up in the kitchen.
In this clip, the owner describes the noises that they hear coming from the 3rd. floor roof overhang and bedroom. As I pan the camera out of a window, a mysterious, soft voice says"Weird!" Seconds after that the camera's fresh batteries were quickly drained. Turn up the sound to hear the soft voice.
The second floor hallway was very active as evidenced by this video. Our MEL REM device can be seen on the cabinet. (CCTV)
Some EVPs from the Ghost SB7 Ghost Box
Question: "Do you know my name?
Answer: "Thomas!"
After the response, you can hear my team express delightful surprise. The entity knew my name!
Question: "What is my name?"
Answer: "John!"
Question: "Why does my back hurt?"
Answer: (Response unclear)
Question: "Who's touching my back?'
Answer: "Stomach!"
Question: "William Henry..." (Former owner)
Answer: "I'm here!"
Question: "William...nice to hear from you!"
Answer: (Response unclear)
Video Clips and Viewing Advice
Below are a number of clips that involve phenomena captured by our video equipment. Click on the blue and white triangle button and then quickly double-click the video to expand it on the screen.
In this camcorder clip you'll see a laser matrix focused on the bathroom doorway where a shadow person was seen by one of the owners.
Something played with the device's push-button and left it in a battery-draining mode. Fortunately, we had installed lithium batteries. Background sounds are crickets (the window was open) and hallway voices.
Keep your eyes on the corner mirror near the bathroom doorway. It is reflecting an image from across the room where a CCTV camera is stationed.
This camcorder clip captures the image of a dark figure that quickly passed by the CCTV camera for about 2 seconds.
Our investigators noted that the two antique mirrors in the master bedroom faced each other. Much has been written in paranormal research that indicates such a positioning of mirrors may form a portal or bridge that facilitates and encourages entities from another dimension to cross over to ours. This may be the reason why this location is so paranormally active.
After we concluded the Ghostbox session in the master bedroom and exited the room, the camcorder audio picked up a very strange hissing sound. Could it have something to do with a portal opening and closing? There's also cricket sounds coming from the open window and the voices you hear are team members in the hallway outside of the bedroom. We also couldn't identify the loud thumps that sounded like doors closing. No one remembers slamming any doors at that time.
Question: Do you come and go in these mirrors?
Answer: Several unclear responses, but we think certain
                    voices sounded affirmative.
Question: Do you want them to take the mirrors out of here?"
Answer: "No! Leave them!" (Seems to validate our suspicion
                    that there may be a portal in place!)
Voices heard as we were setting up equipment in the master bedroom.
"Careful!" and "Who's the kid?" (Noelle, the owner's daughter.)
Question: "William Henry, can you hear me?"
Answer: "Yes!" (Earphones recommended to hear this)
Question: "Can you see us William?"
Answer: "Everywhere!"
There were several more EVPs and video clips we could have showed you concerning this investigation, but these specimens will give you a good idea of the activity taking place in the house.
We believe that we've uncovered enough evidence to imply that some of the house's former owners are still in residence. We do not feel that any of them are malicious or dangerous, although we do believe that they are capable of carrying out mischief from time to time.
We found it to be both a privilege and a pleasure to investigate this historical house and we thank its owners, Tom and Zeynep, for the opportunity to confirm their suspicions that paranormal events are, in fact, taking place in their beautiful and historic home.
Tom, John, and Noelle took turns asking where the "people" in the room were located. Among the responses were "I'm like a stick on the wall!" and "Clear around you!"
In Peter Haining's book, "True Hauntings," he discusses an interesting phenomena that occurred on several occasions at the Royal Palace in Versailles, France. Over the years, visitors would witness a kind of time-slip and find themselves among people dressed in 18th century dress in the Versailles Gardens. These "retro-cognitive" events were documented as happening in 1901, 1908, 1928, and 1955. Before each event the witnesses "felt unaccountably depressed and heard a curious hissing sound."
Could this hissing sound announce the comings and goings of entities through a portal that connects two different dimensions? Is it always "retro-cognitive" or can it be independent of a given time signature?
Moorestown Ghosts