Haunted Places II
Saint Gertrude's Cemetery and Mausoleum
53 Inman Avenue, Colonia, NJ 07067
Spring 2015
     Since Easter arrived unusually early this year on April 5th, my wife, Carol and I decided to visit my parents' gravesite mid-morning in late March to place an Easter cross. Of course, as members of SCOPE NJ, we always pack a camera when we visit any cemetery in hopes of capturing paranormal images. Accordingly, after placement of the cross and some silent prayer and meditation, I took eight pictures from our vantage point directing the camera across the cemetery from left to right. Then we returned home.
     I found time the next day to examine the photos and discovered an anomaly (see yellow arrow). After cropping and enlarging the same photo, we get a better view of the anomaly (red arrow).

     Saint Gertrude's Catholic Cemetery was established in 1933 under the auspices of the Diocese of Newark and its Bishop, Joseph Walsh. Over 75,000 people are buried in the sprawling 136 acres.
     Below is another photo taken only seconds later with its cropped and enlarged version. Note that the anomaly is missing!
National Hotel
Nevada City, California
January, 2016
The National Hotel, aka the National Exchange Hotel, was originally opened in 1856 as the Bicknell Block. It suffered a fire in 1863 but eventually reopened as the National Exchange Hotel after repairs were initiated.
We had the good fortune to visit the place early this year, and were givin permission to freely roam the entire hotel, take pictures, and conduct EVP trials.
In 2012, the National Hotel was the venue for an episode of Ghost Adventures. Since SCOPE NJ is a member of the Ghost Adventures Crew, we are proud to feature the hotel in this season's "Haunted Places" website page.
Also be sure to visit our "Analyze a Photo" page where you'll be able to offer your opinion of an anomaly we captured at the hotel on our digital still camera.
These two photos (L to R) of The National Hotel and Ghost Adventures investigative team are courtesy of The Travel Channel.
Other photos by Tom Petuskey of SCOPE NJ.
The friendly bar at the National Hotel
Debbie Farley, our gracious and lovely hostess, told us how she captured a reflected ghostly image by taking a picture of this tiny mirror. Did we succeed as well? You be the judge.
The yellow arrow points to a suspected anomaly.
Old West styling and hospitality!
You can sense the presence of spirits in this historic hotel.
Carol and Debbie stand in front of one of the mystical mirrors that seem to reflect ghostly spectors.
Colorful posters like these can be found on many walls of the hotel.
I asked Debbie to stand next to the picture of Elizabeth Custer, and we captured a voice on our digital voice recorder that said, "Get back!"
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