Demons, Evil Spirits or...Something Else?
     During the past few months, SCOPE NJ has been drawn into a complex case that involves a couple currently residing in central New Jersey. This is not a simple instance of "things that go bump in the night" that leaves them merely frightened. Here we have a retired educator who we'll call Rachel that claims she has been victimized over the past few years by an unseen entity that has followed her throughout her relocation to three different residences. Her significant other who we'll call Barry is a retired executive who lives with her and who she regards as a constant source of comfort and support. Barry totally believes that she is being attacked by something evil, and that it is determined to destroy her and drive a wedge in their relationship.

     During Rachel's ordeal she has sought help from a variety of sources that included paranormal research teams and members of the clergy. Any relief that she obtained from their efforts has been temporary. According to Rachel and Barry, she frequently experiences physical abuse in the form of scratches, welts, possible bite marks and assorted bruises. (See a sampling of photos below.) In addition, Rachel suffers from the mental anguish associated with her harsh treatment along with eerie and unsettleing noises, voices, chills, and objects inexplicably being tossed around. Framed pictures that were attached to the wall are later found on the floor as if they were yanked-off their hooks and dropped.
     SCOPE NJ conducted a detailed interview of Rachel with additional input from Barry. It was decided that two separate SCOPE NJ teams would visit the client at her home on two separate occasions. The results of their independent investigations would be compared to see if there are any common threads of evidence. The visit by Team 1 failed to sense or recognize any negative energy present in the house. This differed markedly from Team 2's visit. At a later SCOPE NJ meeting, it was believed that upon Team 1's arrival at the house, the liberal use of holy water from the Fatima Shrine in Portugal served as a protective agent and caused the negative entities to immediately retreat. Upon Team 2's arrival at the house, they encountered extreme negativity coupled with a sense that there were two entities that they believed to be a male and a female.
     Despite the differences concerning the atmosphere in the home, digital voice recordings from both teams seemed to substantially support a belief that two malevolent entities were at the root of Rachel's problems. A few of the EVPs can be heard below. Earphones are recommended!
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the nature of this case and the need for total confidentiality, we are not releasing the exact location of our investigation or the clients' real names. We received their permission to submit the following evidence with the understanding that it may be helpful to other people who are experiencing the same kinds of harrowing events. As of this report, the case is still ongoing. The couple mentioned below are still seeking relief from the events taking place in their house. SCOPE NJ is working hard to find a resolution by tapping other resources.
These photos were taken by Rachel and/or Barry. She maintains that the wounds were inflicted on her by the malevolent entity.
At 13:23 ERT, a weird, high-pitched voice said, "Can you hear me?" and the scratching/tapping noises continued.
Throughout Tom's conversation with Barry the digital voice recorder was left untouched on the table. At 12:08 ERT what seemed like a female's voice said, "Do it!" which was followed by an unexplained utterance and then mysterious sounds of scratching and tapping on the voice recorder.
EVP Clips: Play in Numerical Order!
After Tom activated a digital voice recorder and placed it on the dining room table, he carried on a conversation with Barry while the rest of the team worked with Rachel in adjoining rooms. After 4:17 elapsed recording time (ERT) a strange sound could be heard. Was it the opening of a vortex?
In this clip at 8:00 ERT Tatiana strikes a comparison between the female and male entities. At the end of the clip, a voice (female?) says, "Get out!"
On a different audio recorder at 1:30 ERT, SCOPE NJ Investigator and sensitive, Tatiana discusses her perception of a male entity who expresses "maniacal" laughter. Right after she says this, you will hear this laughter as if in response to her commentary.
In this eerie clip at 6:22 ERT, Tatiana is once again talking about the malevolent male entity. While critically describing him, the entity mockingly says,"Shame on me!" Then she says that he's out to torture and harm "Rachel" (I erased her real name on the clip). He replies, "I am!"
NOTE: "Shame on me!" was the result of reversing or playing backward this portion of the clip. Otherwise it was unintelligible!
I would like to extend my appreciation to the following members who participated in this investigation. They exemplified the best of SCOPE NJ by demonstrating courage, poise, and sound judgement throughout this difficult case.
Pat Dellessio, Diane Finkel, Joel Mindas (Team 2 Leader), Rosemary Shapiro, Tatiana Zelewski, and Frank Zelewski.
                  My sincere thanks to all!
                 Tom Petuskey, SCOPE NJ Founder
It is now March, 2018. Paranormal resolution teams as well as comprehensive resources have been applied to resolve Rachel's physical and mental torment. Attacks by demonic entities have all but subsided. Yet, Rachel feels that she is still not completely free of the negative energy that was so suffocating. She is currently learning self-protection measures that will help her to avoid another invasion by the evil entities.
Because of the confidential and sensitive nature of this case, we do not expect to provide any further updates in the coming months.