Welcome Paranormal Quiz Fans! This summer we have an interesting collection of ten questions covering a broad range of paranormal topics.
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Summer 2014
1. What do they call someone who is a recognized expert on demons and other nonhuman entities and is often consulted and employed for exorcisms?

2. A person who is believed to extract or suck mental energy from someone else is called a ______.

3. Friday night of December 29, 1972, Eastern Airlines Flight 401 crashed into the Florida Everglades killing 101 people. Parts from the wrecked plane were redistributed and employed on some of the airline's other aircraft. What phenomena was witnessed on the recipient planes?

4. What mythological creature is said to live under and among the roots of an apple tree?

5. The source of information that pertains to all world events, deeds, and thoughts that have ever occurred or will take place in the future is known as ___________.

6. This term was originally regarded as a synonym for "ghost." Now it is used more liberally to apply to any undead, i.e., ghosts, vampires, zombies, ghouls, and even animated skeletons. What is this term?

7. An object that disappears, vanishes, or is taken away with the help of spirits is called an _______.

8. Epworth Rectory located in Lincolnshire, England was reportedly one of the earliest reported scenes for this "noisy" phenomena. What is it called?

9. This common metal has traditionally played a singular role in sorcery, witchcraft, and the supernatural. If employed, it is believed to protect one from demons, sorcerers, witches, and other malevolent entities. What is this metal?

10. This technique results in photographs that show brilliant multicolored emanations that depict auras or biofields. It is known as __________Photography.
1. Demonologist. Certain priests, ministers, etc., may fall into this category.
2. Psychic Vampire
3. Passengers on these planes saw apparitions of the Captain as well as other people who died on Flight 401.
4. A Unicorn
5. Akashic Records. Also known as The Universal Memory of Nature.
6. Revenant
7. An object such as a watch, key, or some piece of jewelry that mysteriously disappears via spirit activity is known as an "asport."
8. Poltergeist haunting.
9. Iron. It's often made into amulets or other jewelry to be worn as protection.
10. Kirlian Photography
How Well Did You Do?
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9-10 Senior Parapsychologist
7-8 Paranormal Investigator
5-6 Paranormal Technician
3-4 Ghosthunter Trainee
1-2 Wishful Thinker
0 Zombie Food
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