Marlboro State Psychiatric Hospital Cemetery
There was a strong wind blowing across the graveyard which compromised our EVP sessions. Nevertheless, I saw a flag that signaled a veteran's grave. I decided to attempt an EVP session there. At the time, I was wearing a light jacket that I used to block the wind from my digital voice recorder.
I managed to get a single response from August Letis, the veteran. I asked him how to pronounce his name, and he said "lettuce."
My question.
His answer.
Mr. Letis's Gravesite
When visiting the site, one often perceives a heavy sadness that stretches across the graveyard like a surreal burial shroud. We all sensed it. Over 900 former patients who died while housed in the hospital are interred here below a plethora of small concrete/stone or prefabricated markers. Their bodies were unclaimed by relatives. Near the access road, a large, raised stone dais with bronze markers bears the names of the patients who were laid to rest as far back as 1931 when the hospital opened. We won't go into detail about the infamous hospital that closed in June, 1998. Much information about it can be retrieved from the internet. A few links are suggested below. SCOPE NJ visited the site during April, 2014. The cemetery is maintained by the county park service and is open to the public.
Across the road from the cemetery are the hospital grounds. Besides an old sign, above are photos of the entry gate and the abandoned guardhouse.
Earlier markers are of concrete/stone. The younger ones are prefabricated with an iron alloy. Note the animal burrows in an above photo.
We saw several bones scattered about the graveyard. We suspect they came from an animal, perhaps a deer carcass, that was dragged by scavangers from the nearby woods.
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