Recent Evidence
A Haunting in Old Bridge
     Here is a full-spectrum photo taken with a SVP Cybersnap 901 camera in the basement. The second photo on the right is an enlargement of the first photo. Steve, our SCOPE NJ Tech Manager, and I were in the cellar with the owner when he suddenly told us that he saw something just exit a storeroom and move along a wall. I subsequently took several pictures from various locations in the cellar. Can you see anything interesting by the wall beyond the microphone?
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Date of Investigation: 10/20/2013
Location: Private Residence in Old Bridge, NJ
Specific Information: Site address and names are confidential.
Weather: Fair, 61 degrees; humidity 52%
Moon: Waning gibbous; 97% Illuminated
SCOPE NJ Investigators: Tom Petuskey, Steve Wraight, Carol Petuskey.
Equipment Employed:
Cybersnap-901 SVP full-spectrum camera with Vortex full-spectrum illuminator;
K2 Meters; Trifield 100XE meter; EMF-822A meter; CDV-700 Geiger counter;
Olympus VN-960 PC and Sony digital recorders.
Investigation Referral
     The investigation took place in a single family residence in an upscale neighborhood of Old Bridge, NJ. The client was confronted with negative energy every day. He heard unexplained noises, voices, loud bangs in the attic, lights going on and off, doors that opened by themselves, and dark shadowy figures that crept along the hallways, walls and recesses of the house.
     We conducted a thorough inspection of the residence, but we did not find any natural causes for these disturbances. EVP evidence confirmed the presence of various spirits, but we did not detect any demonic or other malevolent entities that may have contributed to the alleged paranormal events. Out of respect for our client's wishes, we are not going to offer any detailed accounts of his experiences or outline any of the recommendations we presented to him. After we concluded our investigation, he forwarded a gracious letter of appreciation for our work.
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