Paranormal Quiz XI
Spring 2014
     Here's an enjoyable multiple choice quiz that will ascertain your knowledge of paranormal terminology. Just match the number of the question with the correct multiple choice letter. After you've finished, scroll down to check your answers. Good luck!
1. Stone Tape Theory is also known as...
a. residual haunting
b. necromancy
c. matrixing

2. The ability to receive information through touch by handling objects is known as...
a. automatic writing
b. lycanthropy
c. psychometry

3. The famous pioneer of Electronic Voice Phenomena was...
a. Friedrich Jurgenson
b. Madame Blavatsky
c. Harry Price

4. A Psychomanteum is...
a. Ouija Board
b. Small mirrored room or cabinet.
c. Haunted house

5. The paranormal ability to move objects using the power of the mind is...
a. Telekinesis
b. Solid State Induction
c. Electrosynthesis

6. An object that strangely and unexpectedly appears in a closed room or other area such as a seance room is called...
a. A Ghost Object
b. A Quantum Manifestation
c. An Apport

7. Transgenic Beings are...
a. Created by ETs through genetic and reproductive engineering of UFO abductees.
b. Creatures who have the ability to morph into other shapes or animals.
c. Beings with the ability to enter and leave our dimension at will.

8. A Revenant is...
a. A person who returns as a spirit after death.
b. An Elemental
c. Ectoplasm left over from a seance.

9. In Japanese folklore, a Gashadokuro is...
a. A giant skeleton many times taller than a human.
b. The Japanese word for ghost.
c. A curse put on someone by a Shakiro, or Japanese shaman.

10. According to British folklore, the lonely spirits of unbaptized children are known as...
a. Kindred spirits
b. Spunkies
c. Sprites
To Answers
1. a 6. c

2. c 7. a

3. a 8. a

4. b 9. a

5. a 10. b
Answers to Quiz
How Well Did You Do?
10 correct - Professor

8 to 9 - Asst. Professor

5 to 7 - Grad Student

2 to 4 - Freshman

0 to 1 - Hogwarts Dropout!
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