Paranormal Quiz X
(Winter 2013)
     Let's imagine it's a cold, bone-chilling night and you're relaxing at your desk in the study of an old Victorian house. You're enjoying a glass of brandy and the comfortable warmth of the accommodating fire across the room while outside the wind whistles and howls around the turrets, eaves, and hollows of the roof. The glow of your computer monitor casts eerie shadows about your treasured sanctuary, and you realize that this is a perfect time for another SCOPE NJ Paranormal Quiz!
     This time we'll test you a variety of paranormal topics. So get a paper and pencil, roll up your sleeves, and let's see how much you know! After you record your answers, scroll down to determine your score. Good luck!
1. The ability to see distant or hidden locations, objects, or events beyond the range of normal vision is called ___________viewing.

2. Folklore points to a trailing evergreen plant with five-petaled purple or white flowers that is said to have powers associated with witches and ghosts. It was often grown on gravesites or employed as garlands for the dead. It is hung over doorways allegedly to ward off evil spirits. What is the name of this fairly common plant?

3. These rows of single standing rocks, often in circular arrangements, have be found at prehistoric sites throughout the world such as Easter Island, Stonehenge, or Carnac. What are they called?

4. European and American folklore reveals that it is possible through sorcery or witchcraft to be transformed into some form of animal, such as a wolf. This shape-shifting process is known as

5. This sixteenth president of the United States had a intense interest in Spiritualism. Unfortunately, he was assassinated while in office and his body was relocated many times to different sites. His ghost reportedly has been seen on numerous occasions in the White House and other locations. What is his name?
6. She was one of the first persons to publicly declare herself as a witch in Great Britain. Although the law against witchcraft there had been repealed a few years earlier, the craft was still regarded as socially unacceptable. She moved to the United States and became established as a gifted psychic, astrologer, and prolific writer on the subject of witchcraft. Her first book, Diary of a Witch, was a great success. She counted among her friends, H.G.Wells, Lawrence of Arabia, and Aleister Crowley. What was her name?

7. In the United States, spirits that haunt mines are commonly called ____________.

8. He was fascinated by the paranormal and traveled extensively throughout Europe and the United States in search of ghosts and haunted venues. He was a friend of Sir Walter Scott and is most famous for his short story, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." Who was this gentleman?

9. Devils Den is reported to be one of the most haunted battle sites. Where is this location?

10. What do they call the process wherein an evil spirit or demon is expelled from a human host, location, or object?
Scroll Down for the Answers!
1. Remote Viewing.

2. Periwinkle

3. Megaliths

4. Lycanthropy

5. Abraham Lincoln

6. Sybil Leek

7. Tommyknockers

8. Washington Irving

9. Gettysburg

10. Exorcism

How Do You Rate?
10 Correct: Professor of Metaphysics
7 - 9 Correct: Exceptionally Well-Versed
4 - 6 Correct: Ho Hum!
1 - 3 Correct: Hey, wake Up!
0 Correct: Just walked out of a tomb?
Reference: "The Element Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Hauntings" by Theresa Cheung
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