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1. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, this mansion was built in the early 1860's by one of the city's richest families. Their fortune came from a very successful brewery. William, the son of the brewery's founder was the first family member to live there. After William's son died of a heart attack at an early age, William became so despondent that he committed suicide. Over the years, tragic events took their toll on the family members that subsequently inherited the estate and witnessed a long history of paranormal events at the site.
What is the name of this mansion?
 2. Perhaps the most haunted location in the United States, it is famous for a great battle that took place during the American Civil War between the 1st and 3rd of July, 1863.
What is the name of this place?
3. This tiny house on 203 N. Amity Street in Baltimore was once the home of a famous author and poet who wrote several creepy stories and poems. He lived there from 1832 to 1835, and now the house is maintained by a historical society. Visitors over the years have witnessed lights inexplicably turning on and off, mysterious voices and noises, apparitions dressed in period clothes, and windows and doors opening and closing by themselves.
Who was this talented and famous writer of the macabre?
4. Another notoriously haunted edifice is situated 70 miles north of New Orleans. Its most famous ghost is Chloe, a slave and acting governess who was hanged in 1820 for poisoning her employer's wife and children.
Today, this house continually attracts tourists and visitors who frequently stay at the house in hopes of witnessing the strange paranormal events that frequently take place there.
What is the name of this famous southern plantation house?
5. Built in 1856 by a businessman who originally hailed from a wealthy family in New York City, this two-story, Greek-revival brick mansion was the most notable home in Old Town San Diego at the time. Yet, despite its magnificent appearance, the structure was erected on land that previously was used for public hangings. This may have contributed to the tragedies that befell the unfortunate family for several generations. The last family member to live in the house passed away in 1953 whereupon the county assumed ownership of the dilapidated home. Eventually in 1960 after its renovation was completed, the house opened as a museum. It wasn't long before museum workers and visitors realized that the mansion was extremely haunted. Today, the Save Our Heritage Organization runs and manages the building.
What is its name?
 6. In 1904, a famous artist in Key West fired one of his female servants who just happened to practice Voodoo. As a gesture that there were no hard feelings, the servant made a doll in the image the artist's son, and presented it to the boy who quickly became obsessed with the doll. Soon strange things started to happen. The son's toys and many other objects around the house would become missing or broken. Of course, the father blamed his son for these things, and his son would respond that the doll was responsible. However, as time went by other people allegedly witnessed strange events associated with the doll. Some said that they saw it move, that it would appear in different windows of the house, and that it often smiled at them. The son kept the doll close to him even into his adulthood, and when his father passed away the young man inherited the house and lived there until he died in 1974. The new owners of the house discovered the doll in the attic and presented it to their daughter who soon became terrified of it. The doll wound up in the Martello Museum in Key West where it remains to this day.
What is the name of the doll?
7. Decommissioned June 26, 1970, this famous aircraft carrier, nicknamed the "Grey Ghost,"is permanently moored as a museum in San Francisco Bay. Ever since its maiden voyage in 1943, it has witnessed tragedy. It destroyed more than 1,400 Japanese planes, and 300 crewmen lost their lives while on board as a result of combat, suicides, and accidents. Today, paranormal events are reported by museum workers and visitors alike. Apparitions are seen, footsteps and strange voices are heard, tobacco smoke hangs in the air, and toilets flush of their own accord.
What is the name of this aircraft carrier?
8. The Saint Louis Cemetery in New Orleans is often targeted by vandals. Accordingly these disturbances may account for continuing paranormal events there. One apparition has been identified as the ghost of a famous voodoo queen wearing a turban and seemingly gliding along the pathways between the tombstones and the old crypts. These days, scores of people leave an assortment of gifts at her gravesite as a sign of homage, respect, and, perhaps, even fear!
What is the name of this voodoo priestess?
9. People can often purchase items on eBay that the sellers claim is haunted. One of the most famous of these sales has been described in various books and magazines. It involves a "haunted" two-by-three-foot painting that sold for $1,025.00. It depicts a boy and a doll standing in front of French doors with several tiny hands behind the glass. The owner of the painting said that she originally purchased it from a "picker" who discovered it behind an abandoned brewery. She displayed it in her daughter's room until strange things started to happen. Her four-year-old daughter became upset. She said that the children in the painting were "fighting and stepped out of the painting at night." Hearing of this, the father set up a motion-activated camera aimed at the painting to see if he could verify the phenomena. After the third consecutive night, one of the photos taken by the infrared camera showed the boy stepping out of the painting.
What is the name of this allegedly haunted painting?
10. There is a public library in New Jersey that was built during the Revolutionary War. This red brick building was originally the Vealtown Tavern. People suspect that it is haunted by the ghost of Phyllis Parker, the innkeeper's daughter. Phyllis married a Dr. Byram who was hanged as a British spy. When Phyllis learned of his death and saw his remains, she went insane with grief. It is said that her weeping can still be heard in certain rooms of the library that date back to that era. Supposedly, the ghost of Phyllis Parker has been seen so many times by library employees that they've even issued her a library card.
This library was named after the town in which it is situated. Do you know the name?
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1.  Lemp Mansion
2.  Gettysburg
3.  Edgar Allen Poe
4.  Myrtles Plantation
5.  Whaley House
6.  Robert
7.  USS Hornet
8.  Marie Laveaus
9.  "Hands Resist Him" (picture on right)
10. Bernardsville Public Library
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