During August, 2012 the SCOPE NJ team visited a private residence in Manville, NJ. The identities of the persons living there have been kept confidential as per their request.
This investigation had all the elements of a true ghost story. The residents reported the following:
-- They saw a cell phone fly off the DVR and land in the middle of the livingroom while the family was watching a movie.
--They often heard the sound of mysterious footsteps coming from vacant rooms.
--They frequently were startled by an electronic toy that turned itself on at odd times during the day.
--The mother saw a shadowy figure appear in the master bedroom.
--They witnessed doors opening by themselves. (We saw this too!)
--Their three-year-old frequently experienced night terrors and pointed to someone or something invisible.
--They were startled by the odd behavior exhibited by the family dog.
--The mother felt the caressing touch of an invisible child while she was blow-drying her hair in the bathroom.
--They heard unexplained knocks on the bathroom door.
Mysterious face that appeared in a window in the children's 2nd. floor bedroom.
Photo by John Polak.
Dottie and Chad record baseline EMF, temperature, and humidity data in the children's bedroom. Photo by Tom Petuskey
Trigger prop with a MEL-ATDD attached is set up next to the electronic toy that has a mind of its own. The toy and prop weren't activated, but something bright dive-bombed toward the carpet midway through the video. Location was the children's bedroom.
An orb flies into the livingroom and makes a complete U-turn. Is it a bug or something paranormal?
The cell phone stationed on the DVR flew across the livingroom while the family watched a movie.
Photo by Tom Petuskey
IR photo of laser matrix set up inside master bedroom to capture movement of shadow person.
Weather: Cloudy, 77 deg. F. Humidity- 51.6%
Barometer-29.7" S
Solar: M-Class Flare
Lunar Phase: New Moon
Geomagnetic: Unsettled

August 17, 2012
EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)
Olympus VN-960PC
Investigator asked, "Show us some sign that you're here."
Answer: "Yea, right!
Investigator asked, "Who is making those footsteps?"
Answer: "They are!"
(Whoever "they" is?)
We learned that one of the original owners of the house back in 1919 was Jewish. When one of our investigators called out his name and asked him to communicate, a male voice said, "Hey, you schlep!"
P-SB7 Ghost Box
Ghost Box Responses
A former tenant, Frank, now lives downstairs.
We called out the name of the resident's dog, Pepper, and asked someone to say it. We heard it repeated twice .
Asked for the name of our contact. Response was "Mark".
We ended our Ghost Box session by saying, "Bye!" The response was instantaneous. "Bye!"
This is an experimental device that scans select radio frequencies and has an integrated white noise generator. We've been having good success with it.
IR camera in the master bedroom reveals some movement along the laser matrix grid projected on the short wall beyond the bedroom doorway.
Near the end of this video clip, you can see an anomaly at the foot of the stairway. It appears and disappears in only a second or two as Steve's heel comes down on the stairway. He was reaching for some equipment at the time. Did the anomaly depict a very brief manifestation of a spirit? We're not sure.
Steve, John, and Michelle investigate the children's bedroom
Chad holds an EMF meter near an electronic children's toy that had the bad habit of turning itself on during the early morning hours.
SCOPE NJ carried out an intensive investigation of the children's bedroom. Interesting anomalies were captured as evidence.
The access door to this stairway leading to the attic often opened by itself. It happened while we were investigating. Our inspection of the lock and doorknob did not reveal any defect in the mechanism.