Recently, we had a rare opportunity to investigate a two-story house in central New Jersey that was built in the early 1700's. It has a long and colorful history, but we can't supply its name, exact location, or specific historical details. The group that manages and maintains the building wanted tourists and visitors to focus on the history of this venerable house and not be distracted or preoccupied with any references to its being haunted. On June 8, 2013 we had an exit conference with key members of the society and presented the evidence we obtained from our investigation. Accordingly, as a result of this meeting it is our belief and understanding that the following photos, videos, and EVPs does not overtly reveal the identity of the site.
Date of Investigation: May 6, 2013
Time: 6:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
Location: A house in central New Jersey
Weather: Fair; 63.8 deg. F.
Solar Activity: M-Class flare
Geomagnetic Activity: Quiet
Lunar Phase: 14% of full
Investigators: Tom Petuskey, Carol Petuskey, Steve Wraight, Michelle Wraight, Ted Czech.
Guest Investigators: Mary Ann Vorraso; Tom Vorraso.
Equipment Employed:
Lorex CCTV day/night static camera system; Cybersnap-901 SVP full-spectrum camera; K2 meters; EMF-822A meter; MEL-ATDD meter; Trifield 100XE meter; E-Pod static charge detector; P-SB7 Ghost Box; Olivus III, Olympus VN-960 PC and Sony digital voice recorders; General PTH 8708 digital ambient temperature and humidity indicator; Motorola walkie-talkies; Moultrie trap camera; geophone vibration detector.
A large orb looms among the clothes racks in the attic. It appears partially obscured and could be genuine spirit energy.
IR photo by Tom Petuskey
A colorful orb appears in this enlarged photo. Particulate matter in front of the lens or a true spirit orb? Photo by Tom Petuskey
An anomaly in a 2nd floor window. No investigators were in the room at the time this photo was taken.
Full-Spectrum photo by Tom Vorraso
A slight glow is evident in this antique chair.
Full-Spectrum photo by Tom Vorraso
Select EVPs
"Angela! "
We don't know who this is. There's no reference to an Angela in the history of the place, and none of our investigators bears that name.
"Everything's comfy!"
This EVP is really creepy. It sounds like there's an echo. It followed Michelle's comment about cold spots in the house as she was descending a staircase.
"Hey, stay out!"
Obviously somebody didn't want us to enter one of the bedrooms.
"That was me!
This was said after our K2 thermistor signaled a temperature drop. The other noise is a passing car.
"Get me!"
You can hear the K2 thermistor signaling a temperature drop. The spirit challenged us!
"Killed it....divide....up.... here!"
A spooky message coming from our Ovilus III set to phonetic mode. It was recorded on the 2nd. floor. The Ovilus is an experimental device.
Sounds like it came from an entity who desparately wanted to make our acquaintance.
Select Videos
Lots of action in this video. We're not sure what these things are, but no one saw any insects flying around. There were no violent air currents that would propel dust particles like this. Are we looking at some forms of energy?
Keep your eyes on the top left corner of this video. Could this spectacular orb be spirit energy?
Brief Summary and Conclusions
     Prior to our investigation, the SCOPE NJ team was given a tour of the house by the team that manages and maintains the property. Immediately after the tour, we brought in our equipment and set up our base of operations in one of the 1st. floor rooms. CCTV and trap cameras were placed in locations where anomalies were reported, and baseline data was obtained that included temperature, EMF, and humidity readings for each room in the house. High EMF levels were recorded at five of these locations. One of the bedrooms with a chimney had the most pronounced radiation, and it was here that we experienced rapid battery drain in our handheld cameras and other select equipment. Cold spots were encountered in certain rooms and hallways and they correlated with K2 and Mel Meter thermistor alerts as well as supportive EVP results. Except for the perceived cold spots, none of the SCOPE NJ members reported any personal physical or extrasensory experiences during the investigation that could be attributed to anything paranormal.
     Re: Digital Photos--a large glowing orb was photographed in a section of the attic. We are ruling out dust particles as the orb was partially hidden behind some clothing on a rack.
     Re: Full-Spectrum Photos-- a subtle glow on an antique chair was apparent in one of our photos in a 2nd. floor bedroom. It may or may not be lens flare caused by the room's lighting. An anomaly was also photographed in a 2nd. floor window by one of our guest investigators from a position outside of the building. It appeared to be someone looking out of the window. No investigators were in the room at
     the time.
    Re: Trap Cameras--A camera in one section of the attic was tripped three times by human movement. Subtle movement was noted in one video bearing from top right and down in a 45 degree angle.
    Re: Digital Recorders--Extensive EVP results are listed on our EVP analysis form. Several sessions were conducted throughout the building with significant success. Also used in conjunction with the voice
    recorders were two experimental devices--the SB7 "Ghost Box" and the Ovilus III. Both of these provided curious results that may yield more information upon re-examination.
    Re: Lorex CCTV Cameras--All rooms yielded results (mostly active orbs), but the camera in a front bedroom on the 2nd floor seemed most active. It was in this room that a female apparition was reportedly
    seen looking out of the window by an observer at street level. Here our camera picked up some shadow movement, lighting anomalies, and audible signals from our K2 and Mel Meter that alerted us to drops
    in room temperature. EVP evidence was also pronounced at this location. Another bedroom yielded video wherein there were several rapidly moving objects or entities. No insects were detected flying about
    the house, and there was little air movement. Other evidence is being withheld from this report because of the confidential agreement we had with the managers of the property.
    In conclusion, our analysis of the photos and especially the EVP results seems to indicate that there are entities present in the house. We do not feel that any of these are threatening or dangerous. In fact,
    we believe that most of them are quite happy that the building has undergone a beautiful restoration.