An Historic Inn in Central New Jersey
Here is rare footage of a pulsating orb that one of our remote Lorex CCTV cameras captured on the second floor of an inn in central New Jersey.
The pulsating orb appears to come from a room to the right of the hallway and eventually makes its way to another room across the hall. It may or may not be the same one that appears at the beginning of the clip.
An orb presents itself to our remote camera after I exit the inn's attic. The attic and one of the second floor rooms were utilized for the underground railroad prior to the abolition of slavery.
Old Burlington County Jail
Here you will see some fascinating creatures that are always associated with haunted houses. Can you tell what they are?
The hallway viewed is one that connects the jail to the warden's house.
One of TAPS' cameras recorded a shadow figure here during their investigation.
Our CCTV camera captured this weird anomaly in the jailyard. We're not sure what it is. Please contact us and let us know what you think it is.
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While Ashley was observing the Lorex monitor, she noted a shimmering face on a wall of the jailyard. She immediately notified us on the walkie-talkie, and we promptly investigated. We discovered that a light positioned over the top of the stairway created this illusion. The face quickly disappeared after we asked Ted to block the light with his baseball cap.
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Debunking a Ghostly Face!