Burrowes Mansion
       Known as the Bowne Manor from 1767 to 1795, John Bowne III inherited this land from his grandfather, Governor Andrew Bowne. The mansion was originally built by Bowne in 1723. In 1769, her sold the land, the mansion, and other structures to John Burrowes Sr. who eventually passed it on to his son, Major John Burrowes Jr. The mansion is an expression of Georgian architecture with high 10' to 12' ceilings and was continually occupied throughout the centuries. In 1850 it served as a hotel. The last family to own it was the Brown family who purchased it in 1904. They owned it until 1974 when the Borough of Matawan purchased it for use as a museum.. The Matawan Historical Society now oversees its maintenance and operation.
       SCOPE NJ visited the mansion for a tour in April, and conducted a formal investigation on June 10, 2017. At the bottom of this page there is a link to the Matawan Historical Society website where you can find more information.
This sitting room with the spinning wheels on the first floor was a hotspot during our investigation. We got EVPs from our SP7 Ghost Box as well as a strong response from our REM POD.
Our Sony camcorder captured the active Rem Pod lights and alarm as well as a loud "hiss" from something unexplained. The hissing sound was also picked up on our Olympus digital recorder. In addition you'll hear a loud noise by a vehicle passing by on the street outside. At the end of the video there's two unexplained knocks or raps, perhaps coming from the bench.
Photo by Joel Mindas
Video by Tom Petuskey
Don't talk to me!
Hi Tom!
Photo by Joel Mindas
Photo by Joel Mindas
Photo by Joel Mindas
Photo by Joel Mindas
This staircase was the location where British loyalists seriously injured Margaret Burrowes when she blocked their way up the stairs while searching for her husband. Important EVPs were obtained here.
Our SCOPE NJ investigator, Pat, reports that she established a relationship with Margaret Burrowes during a previous tour. She regards this EVP as a request by the spirit to communicate with her.
My name's John!
Tom captured this EVP that may be the voice of Major John Burrowes.
Photo by Joel Mindas
They are measuring!
This EVP was captured while Diane and Laurie moved to the various rooms of the mansion to collect base line data of EMF, humidity, and ambient temperature.
Click to start the video and then click the audio control "They are Measuring!"
Here are 3 EVPs . When Tom entered the master bedroom to initiate an EVP session, he was greated by a nasty threat! Next, you'll hear a happy "Yes!" response when Tom mentioned that King George III was no longer around. Lastly, you'll hear an unexplained sound as he was leaving the room. Vortex closure? Who knows.
Tear him up!
Strange noise.
One of our CCTV cameras stationed in the attic captured Joel "attacked" by a multitude of orbs as he was exiting an attic room that served as a servant's quarters.
Full spectrum photo of Rose, our SCOPE NJ medium. She made numerous connections with spirits in the house during our preliminary tour in April.
Sometimes during an investigation, we find opportunities to lighten the atmosphere with a little humor. In this clip, Joel is attempting to convince a spirit to move a spinning wheel.
Video by Tom Petuskey
CCTV Setup by Steve and Michelle
CCTV Setup by Steve and Michelle
Some of the SCOPE NJ team listen to Betty Kaufman, Docent for the mansion.
Betty Kaufman, Burrowes Mansion Docent
Photo by Joel Mindas
Photo by Tom Petuskey
Video by Joel Mindas
A closet door in the 2nd floor hallway reportedly opens by itself and frightens people on mansion tours. Steve demonstrates that pressure from footsteps on the floorboards jars the door open. However, Michelle is not convinced. Tom observes the debate and also tries to dislodge the door.
Photo by Tom Petuskey
Click on the sign to learn more about the Burrowes Mansion
Entrance to the mansion's creepy attic.
Photo by Joel Mindas
Date of Investigation: 06/10/2017
Time: 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Weather: Fair; 79 degrees F; Humidity 40.18%
Solar Activity: Normal
Geomagnetic Activity: Quiet
Lunar Phase: Waning gibbous 99% full

Conclusions: Based on the evidence we obtained, we've concluded that some of the historical figures associated with the mansion are still present in spirit form. Also, there was an indication that other entities inhabit the site that are more likely from the 1800's or 1900's. The hissing sound picked up in the spinning room creeped us out, but may have come from a non-paranormal source.
     We'd like to thank the Matawan Historical Society for giving us the opportunity to investigate the Burrowes Mansion. In particular, we deeply appreciated the assistance of the docent, Betty Kaufman. She was a valuable source of information concerning the mansion's history and achitectural design.
     Lastly, SCOPE NJ encourages other paranormal research groups to book an investigation at Burrowes Mansion. We believe you'll find the experience highly rewarding.
                                  Tom Petuskey, SCOPE NJ
Frank admires a flintlock rifle during our preliminary tour of the mansion.
Photo by Tom Petuskey