Carlisle Castle, England
At least three entities captured in a single photo.
Bottom left: A ghostly head bearing a mustache.
Bottom center: A full-bodied apparition of a phantom cat.
Top center: an unknown glowing head. Is it a snarling dog, an elemental, or some other beast.
Far right: a glowing mist.
Photo by Tom Petuskey
Backyard of private residence in New Jersey.
Mysterious glowing lights. Branch in forground is a grape vine hanging from a pergola. Photo by Tom Petuskey
Jennie Wade House, Gettysburg, PA
Above: Jennie Wade, was the only civilian casualty during the Battle of Gettysburg. She was killed in the kitchen by a Confederate sniper and temporarily placed in the cellar until her family had an opportunity to bury her. A SCOPE member was poked and grabbed here by an entity during one of our investigations.
Right: Mirror reflection of a childlike figure in dark clothing in 2nd floor bedroom. IR Photo was sent to Joe Svehla, Manager, Ghostly Images of Gettysburg. He states,"The photo appears to contain a dark shadow near the foot post of the bed. I've tried to recreate it and cannot. I thought it may have been a shadow from the post, but it is much too large." Photos by Tom Petuskey
Hampton House, Towson, Maryland
Former home of the Ridgely family and now a historic site maintained by the National Park Service.
Over the 150 years that the Ridgely family lived there, the deaths of the first ladies of the house were always foretold by the sound of a dreaded crash of the chandelier...although it never really fell!
Photo by Tom Petuskey
Ring of Brodgar, Stone Circle and Henge, Mainland, Orkney
This Neolithic stone circle and henge was erected between 2500 and 2000 BC. Research has suggested that astronomical and magical ceremonies were conducted at the site. Burial mounds are integrated in and around the stone circle. EVP efforts were thwarted by wind playing on hand held microphone. Photo by Tom Petuskey
Full spectrum image in a jail cell mirror. Can you see anything interesting? Photo by T. Petuskey
Mysterious shadow figure on basement steps of Burlington City Library was captured in background of a red laser matrix setup. Geophone also appears on the steps.
Full spectrum photo by T. Petuskey
Tombstones in front of entrance to St. Kevins Monastery, a 6th century monastic settlement in the Wicklow Mountains, Glendelough, Ireland. Was a ghost angry with visitors constantly stepping over its grave? Photo by Tom Petuskey
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John believes that some spirits at the Mill Road Cemetery may be upset with the placement of the fence. EMF readings of varied intensity were correlated with EVP results.
Photo by Tom Petuskey
Some of the men from SCOPE NJ gather at the East Brunswick Library for a workshop given by L'Aura Hladik of NJGHS.
Photo by Carol Petuskey
Urquhart Castle Overlooking Loch Ness
During September, 2009, members of SCOPE NJ went aboard a sonar-equipped boat to look for evidence of the Loch Ness Monster whose appearance was first chronicled in AD 565. Although we failed to capture any evidence, you couldn't help but sense "Nessie's" presence in the seemingly enchanted loch.
Photo by Tom Petuskey
Dottie checks out the garage of a private residence where a former owner allegedly commited suicide.
Carol with Jack Paladino, owner of the famously haunted Cashtown Inn near Gettysburg, PA.
Partial manifestation in the dining room of a historic sea-captain's house in East Brunswick, NJ. IR photo by Tom Petuskey
Proprietary House in Perth Amboy, NJ where the ghost of the William Franklin, Royal Governor during the reign of King George III, is said to appear throughout the historic edifice.
Photo by Tom Petuskey
Bedroom of an early 1900's house in Sterling, NJ. The residents claimed that this door occasionally opened by itself. Our team carefully inspected the door and determined that the lock was sound and that the door was balanced on its hinges. Also the carpet offered some resistance when the door was opened or closed.
Curious IR photo of the moon above the trees at an investigation site. Was it a "bad moon rising"?
Tom with Ecto 2, a tribute to the famous Ecto 1 of "Ghostbusters" movie fame. You can see this car, meet the owner, and take some pictures at the Para-X Conference on October 6, 2012. Check our "Contact Us" page for details.
Tom with John Zaffis, of SyFy channel's "Haunted Collector" and Dustin Pari, of SyFy channel's "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Hunters International".
Photos by Chris Nicoletti
One day, Miss Molly our ESP-gifted dog, felt compelled to focus on our neighbor's cellar window and repeatedly bark at it. I grabbed my camera and captured these undefined faces.
Our full-spectrum photo edited for black and white seems to reveal some of the ghostly inhabitants of a historic central New Jersey Inn. They are gathered next to the cellar's crumbling fireplace.
Burlington County Prison/Museum, Mt. Holly, NJ. In addition to a reflection from the center of the rear cell wall, this IR picture reveals an amorphous misty figure on the left of the photo. Black spot on lower left is an investigator's shoulder. Photo by Tom Petuskey.
Sarah and Lisa inspect a cell on the 2nd. floor of the old Burlington County Prison. It was here that the murderer Joel Clough was housed. Visitors to the infamous "dungeon" cell have experienced sudden illness in the form of nausea, chills, dizziness, and headaches. A few of our investigators showed some of these symptoms after being in the cell for a time.
The trap camera captures Tom, Steve, and Ted as they meet briefly outside of the dungeon cell to discuss the progress of the investigation.
Steve is on his way to check camera placements.
Old Burlington County Jail.
IR trap camera photo of SCOPE videographer, Ted Czech, along with a mysterious formation on the right side of the picture.
Some members of SCOPE NJ celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the GhostHunter Store, Burlington, NJ with owner Dave Juliano, 2nd from left.