Phantoms in the Mist
A Walk with Molly on a Magical Evening
One of my favorite times to walk Molly, our beloved miniature schnauzer, is in the early evening about an hour before dinner. On this particular December eve, I strapped on her harness, picked up my favorite walking stick, and made for the door. Yet, when I stepped outside and perceived a chilly mist hovering in pockets above the black macadem of the street, I went back inside, put away my walking stick, and retrieved my Sony DSC-W650 Cyber-shot camera. I decided to try and capture some preternatural photos.
I have a theory about mists and fogs. I believe they are the perfect medium for ghostly manifestations. I was convinced of this some years ago when my wife, Carol, and I were returning home through the rolling hills of Hunterdon County, New Jersey. It was about midnight, the witching hour, and I was cautiously traveling about 35 to 40 mph so that I could stop immediately in case a deer decided to bolt across the road. As we rounded a bend , I saw a pocket of swirling mist about 30 yards in front of our car. I initially paid it no mind, but just before my car passed through it, the mist formed into an attractive female form. She wore what appeared to be a white nightgown, and her shoulder-length hair, facial features, and arms were perfectly discernable. As she glided silently over the hood of our car, the temperature inside the vehicle dropped precipitously. Momentarily stunned, Carol and I both compared notes and totally agreed with one another that we'd just seen a GHOST!
My account of this rare experience was published in the May/June 2009 issue of Fate Magazine in the "My Proof of Survival" section.
Accordingly, when Molly and I set out to enjoy this magical evening, I wondered if we would encounter anything otherworldly. The pictures on display here will hopefully spur discussion and introspection. Yes, I know that most photographed orbs are the result of dust, water particles, or some other fluff in the air. However, can't we let our imaginations occasionally off the leash so that we can speculate on the nature of things unhindered by preset notions?
Photos and Commentary by Tom Petuskey
It's widely understood that dogs and cats can perceive things that are beyond our human sensory capabilities. They are able to see and hear things that transcend our auditory and visual spectrums. In this photo it seems quite obvious that Molly sees the orb that appears about 4 o'clock in relation to the bright street lamp.
Farther up the road, the mist seems to be gathering in a pocket.
Something appears to be taking form. Is it a spirit, an angel, or some other entitiy from another dimension attempting to manifest itself? it our imagination playing games with us. Nevertheless, it's fun to speculate!
We've crossed the street and play hosts to a pocket of wet mist. Molly's friendly orb seems to be following her.
Molly seems transfixed on something.
More orbs floating over a neighbor's lawn.
Here we have a perfect example of matrixing. A phantom shadow appears on the brick wall of a neighbor's entryway. Lights can play all sorts of tricks on us.
We've come to the end of our walk. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the fantasy as much as I did. If you are planning a journey, whether it be a walk around the block or an extended trip, take along your camera. You never know whats going to come through that lens.
Music courtesy of Midnight Syndicate
The mist seems to display a life of its own!