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Diane, Our Veteran SCOPE NJ Investigator, Meets Some Old Friends
Ghost Hunters (Left to Right)Dave Tango, Steve Gonsalves, Diane, and Jason Hawes

Diane with Dustin Pari. She was awarded the sweatshirt he wore when GHI invesigated Leap Castle in Ireland.
Diane on the hunt with the Ghost Hunters team.
Diane with Ghost Hunter stars Dave Tango and Steve Gonsalves at a recent investigation in Rahway, N.J.
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Tom's Blog
     In almost every ghost hunting or paranormal research text I've read, the readers are cautioned to not go hunting ghosts by themselves. This is good advice if you plan on venturing into creepy, secluded areas like churchyards, cemeteries, abandoned houses, or dark, foreboding woods...especially at night. However, your main threat may well be from the living and not from some sentient spirit. You really don't want to run into any crazy, immoral thugs who are just looking for someone to victimize for their own personal reasons. Be smart! If you are going to research these eerie locations, make sure you bring some friends! There is security in numbers. Oh, and don't forget to get permission from the owners or other proper authorities before you visit these sites.
     But, what about investigating on your own turf like your own house, apartment, backyard, or other personal property. Is there a risk? Well, for the record, I normally don't use a ghost box or do EVPs at home. I avoid Ouija Boards for the same reason because I don't want to call upon spirits who may decide to take up residence in my personal space. That is not to say that I haven't done that in the past. I have, and that is precisely why I wouldn't recommend it!
     Based on my experiences as a paranormal researcher, I would only engage in an investigation on my own property if I suspected that my house was actually haunted.
     Given the above cautionary remarks, if you are still of a mind to conduct paranormal research at home or some other personal property just remember that there is some risk. I would venture to say that you will obtain some EVPs that may alarm you, or at the very least, thrill you. Next to this blog is an EVP that "thrilled" me when I captured it in my backyard some years ago.
Ghost Hunting Alone
Location where EVP was captured.
Photo by Tom Petuskey
"My son lives here! "
Tom Petuskey
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