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     Since ancient times, mankind has been looking for answers about ghosts. Are they real? If so, what are they made of and where do they reside? Are they disembodied spirits or entities from another dimension? How do they manifest?
These and other questions are treated in a well-written and comprehensive fashion by J.C. Knight, MD entitled "Ghost Physics: Compelling Evidence for a New Theory." Dr. Knight is retired from medical practice and now teaches physics, chemistry, advanced anatomy & physiology and pathology at both the Master and Doctorate levels.
     I confess that I was transfixed on this book after reading just the first few chapters. I don't want to give too much away and would rather let the book speak for itself. However, as you move through it get used to calling ghosts "disembodied conscious singularities." Dr. Knight points out that they got that way via the interaction of the Higgs Boson at the moment of death. Quantum energy activity forms our consciousness that exists in both energy and mass formats in the microtubules of the brain's neurons and is called OOR or "Orchestrated Objective Reduction." The Higgs Boson provides a transition of conscious mass (21 grams) to pure energy when a person expires. Yes, this is deep stuff, but I assure you that Dr. Knight presents his material in a perspicuous and concise manner so it becomes understandable as you progress through his book. Of course, because of the depth of the subject matter you will often find yourself backtracking in an effort to memorize key concepts and terminology. But believe me, the book is well worth the effort.
     There are specific chapters that paranormal researchers/ghosthunters will thoroughly enjoy such as "Tools" wherein he discusses the relative effectiveness of the various pieces of equipment that we use for our investigations. Another chapter, "What Happens When You Die," is fascinating to read.
     In the book you will find a review of other theories that tried to explain the existence of ghosts. He also delves into the idea of "Reincarnation" and "Dream States and Awareness."
     In closing, I'd like to personally thank Dr. Knight for contacting me and for making me aware of this extraordinary work. I feel that he has made one of the greatest contributions to paranormal research in recent times and that "Ghost Physics" will positively impact our way of thinking about ghosts for years to come.
A Milestone in Ghost Research
Tom Petuskey, September 19, 2017
Founder and Lead Investigator
Scientific Confirmation of Paranormal Events
A "Must Read" for paranormal enthusiasts!
Diane, Our Veteran SCOPE NJ Investigator, Meets Some Old Friends
Ghost Hunters (Left to Right)Dave Tango, Steve Gonsalves, Diane, and Jason Hawes

Diane with Dustin Pari. She was awarded the sweatshirt he wore when GHI invesigated Leap Castle in Ireland.
Diane on the hunt with the Ghost Hunters team.
Happy Autumn to our SCOPE NJ Fans!
Diane with Ghost Hunter stars Dave Tango and Steve Gonsalves at a recent investigation in Rahway, N.J.
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