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Try These Energy Field Experiments!
     It's almost common knowledge that our individual bodies are surrounded by some kind of energy field. The strength of this field varies with each person, but it can often be detected by your sense of touch or by sensitive electronic instrumentation.
     To illustrate this, take your two hands and point the tips of your index fingers about an eighth of an inch away from each other. Do this while sitting in a chair without allowing your arms to touch anything. Now, keeping the two fingers apart, move them back and forth lateraly while trying to keep them separated by the same eighth of an inch. Don't worry if the fingers accidentally touch. Just wait a few seconds and try again.
     Can you feel the invisible field between the two fingers? Now try moving the two fingertips about 6 inches apart and then slowly move them toward one another until they are very close together. Did you sense a change when the fingertips almost touched?
     Try using all of your fingers with the same eighth of an inch spacing. You should get a more pronounced response. If you don't feel this energy between your fingers, just try again later. The field will vary in intensity throughout the day.
     The following should be attempted away from any electrical/electronic wiring or gadgetry. If you have access to a Trifield Natural EM Meter, set its knob on the SUM or ELECTRIC settings. Now pass your fingers back and forth over the top of the meter. You should get variable readings on the analog scale. See nearby photo.
     Let your imagination conceive of all the possible psychic and metaphysical applications inherent in this energy field. I shall not elaborate about them here.
     Finally, here's something else that you can try. Use your computer software to create and print on white paper a two or three inch-diameter circle filled in with black color.
Place the sheet on a table and get a comfortable chair to sit on. Now pass the fingertips of either hand over the sheet of paper so that they move closely back and forth over the black circle and the white paper. Can you feel a change of sensations in your fingertips?
     Repeat this procedure, but this time move your fingertips so that they are in constant contact with the paper. Any changes felt or sensed? Now, with your eyes tightly closed, repeat everything you just did. Did you perceive anything visually with your eyes closed?
     There has been some research conducted that points to an evolutionary change in our physical makeup that allows some people to sense light and dark shades, and even different colors with their fingertips!
     I'm happy to present these experiments to you. I'd love to get some feedback from you concerning your results!
Spring is a great time to conduct paranormal investigations outdoors. There are plenty of haunted cemeteries, creepy wooded areas and fields, mysterious streams, rivers, lakes, eerie outdoor structures, and a host of fascinating historic sites to explore. Just remember to ask permission to visit these places if you're not sure that they are open to the public.
Tom Petuskey
Photo by Tom Petuskey
 Tom and Diane of SCOPE NJ joined Frank Lazzaro of NJ R.O.P.E on a recent investigation in Middlesex County, NJ.
Mutual UFO Network Symposium
July 27th - 29th
Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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Here's a first class paranormal resolution team! L to R is Steve, Jim, Greg, and Frank
They drove out a nasty spirit from the attic above the garage!