Is it conceivable that certain objects may exhibit supernatural characteristics that transcend logical explanation? Is it possible for an object to be possessed or haunted, to express good or evil or to impress some mystical quality upon the human psyche? A few examples would be lucky charms or talismans, items that bore witness to human trauma or exceptional events, and objects subjected to a formal blessing. Unexplainable energies are ostensibly attached to these things that may directly or indirectly have an impact on people's lives.
     Some psychics are gifted in psychometry, a word that comes from the Greek words "psukhe" (spirit or soul) and "metron" which means to measure. Wikipedia defines psychometry as "The paranormal ability to discover information about an object's past, and especially about its past owners, merely by handling it."
     Below are photos and descriptions of several objects that are worthy of introspection. Some of these are part of a collection, and the owner graciously allowed SCOPE NJ to display them here. It would be interesting to subject these items to psychometry so that their history could be studied.
Description: Late 1800's pocket knife with an assortment of tools including a medicine bottle corkscrew.
Source: Purchased at a flea market in New Jersey.
Background: After this item was purchased, the new owner was immediately overwhelmed with an intense presence of evil as he returned to his car. He ignored it, but that evening after he retired he experienced horribly graphic and frightening nightmares. Relief came only after prayers were offered for protection.
Description: Kachina Doll
Source: Purchased from an Indian reservation in Arizona.
Background: Kachinas are sacred spirits associated with the Hopi Indian culture.
Each kachina has three components-- the supernatural entity who lives in the surrounding mountains; the costumed and masked ceremonial dancer; and the little carved doll that is decorated in that likeness.
Cottonwood root is the wood used for all Hopi kachina dolls as well as the better Navajo pieces. Through dancing and ceremonies, the kachinas carry the prayers of the Hopi to the gods. The dolls are displayed in the households for decoration and to remind the occupants of the kachinas.
Description: Fragment of Roman Brick from Pompeii
Source: On site of Pompeii
Background: The fragment was found during a tour of the Roman city that was destroyed and ultimately buried during an eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.
It was witness to the agony and death of countless Romans. Could there be anything impressed in its composition that might be revealed through psychometry?
Description: Double Barrel Shotgun: Baldwin Gun Co., Louisiana.
Source: Antique shop in NY state.
Background: Gun is missing a forward grip and is not safe to shoot. It is believed to be late 19th century or early 20th century vintage. Teenage visitor saw a transparent male figure standing next to the gun while it was displayed in the recreation room of the house. When the weapon was placed in the garage, the figure disappeared.
Description: Hag Stone
Source: Stream
Background: Hagstones are stones that have a hole running completely through them. They are usually found near running water at streams, rivers, and tidal pools. When hung around the neck, they are believed to protect the wearer from evil spirits, witches, and the evil eye. Other magical powers have been ascribed to this stone. Supposedly, the bearer of the stone was given the unique ability to see faerie folk and to be immune to their enchantments or spells. Also, if a cord was passed through the hole and tied, it could be swirled about the head to disperse rain clouds and diminish strong winds.
Description: Bewitched Tree
Source: Tulip tree wood from an estate in New Jersey
Background: The tulip tree or tulip poplar has a dark side to its history. Back in the days of the Salem Witch Trials, it was favored for hanging witches because of the lateral growth of its limbs. This particular tree was over 100 feet high when it was hit by lightning. It survived, but every July it would start dropping its leaves and littering the property well before autumn. Tree experts could not correct the problem, so the owner had it taken down. The wood was given away for firewood. Study the picture carefully and see if you can spot a sinister face in the charred wood. All that's left of the tree is a rotting stump.
This curious figure made of wood is representative of the folk art from a variety of cultures. Such objects often deified various entities in nature.
To learn more about haunted artifacts and paranormal archaeology, visit the websites of John Zaffis and Richard Kimmel. They are recognized experts in this area of research. The links are below.
Description: Depicted is a turn-of-the century dresser that was discarded from an estate in Pennsylvania. It is currently housed in the owner's warehouse in New Jersey.
Source: Aaron Easley, son of the owner, took a picture of the dresser and its mirror with his cell phone.
Background: Aaron decided to take the picture because it gave him the "creeps." You will note that the weird foggy images seem to leave the mirror and overlap the frame (see red arrow above). The dresser was sold!. Copyrightę2014 by Aaron Easley.
I have an extensive library of paranormal books. One of my favorites is "Haunted Objects" written by Christopher Balzano and Tim Weisberg. They combine black and white photos with fascinating descriptions of a variety of allegedly haunted objects. In his introduction to the book co-author Chris Balzano cautions, "Some people have discovered common, household items they own are not what they should be and have become the focal point of a spirit." He adds, "It's recommended to stay away from dolls and yard sales, and especially dolls at yard sales!"
A brick retrieved from the site of Old Lamberville High School. It was given to SCOPE NJ because the person who took it as a souvenier felt "uncomfortable" keeping it. Thanks to ace SCOPE NJ investigator, Dottie, for accepting the donation!
You never know when you are going to come up against a creepy object that startles you and stands the hair up on the back of your neck. This photo was forwarded to SCOPE NJ by an avid fan of our website. As he was hiking through a wooded area in Jackson, New Jersey, he came upon this grotesque natural sculpture of a rotted fence post that caught him by surprise. He took a picture with his cell phone; however, he still can't put this chance encounter out of his mind.
SCOPE NJ investigated this site several years ago. The high school was originally built in 1854 and experienced a fire in 1926 that caused extensive damage. The school was remodeled in 1927 and functioned until another fire in 1992 took its final toll.
Abandoned but not forgotten, the ruins of the school was a magnet for ghost hunters, adventure seekers, vandals, thieving scavengers, and teenagers until the site was recently leveled. Weird New Jersey has featured several articles concerning it, and it is easily researched on the internet.
Several items listed here are for sale. Contact us if you are interested!
We picked up this hand painted and hand sewn English porcelin doll from an antique dealer in St. Augustine, Florida. We keep it in our spare bedroom. Now our granddaughter refuses to sleep in the room unless we remove the doll and others like it. She says they "creep her out!"
We'll try to show more Curious Objects as the seasons progress.
Description: Pewter amulet or talisman with Crescent Moon and Dragon.
Source: Occult shop in New Hope, Pa.
Background: Received from an individual who wanted to remain anonymous. She claimed that whenever she wore it, she felt strange and uncomfortable.
Amulets/talismans are said to have many different purposes, usually of benefit to the wearer.
If anyone can explain the symbolism of the moon and dragon, please let us know.
Curious Objects
Halloween Voodoo Wish Doll custom made by Linda Cross. Visit her via Conjure Art on Facebook to see her other creations. She told me, "I just heard that one of my voodoo dolls just won $120 in the New Jersey Lottery."
Description: Blue glass with gold suns, moons, and stars.
Source: Antique shop.
Background: Shop owner said that this glass was part of a consignment. I bought it because it seemed to generate a kind of energy.
These final four objects...the clown marionette, the pretty doll, the print of the beautiful woman playing the piano, and the African wooden sculpture are for sale at Point Pleasant Antiques on Main Street, Pt. Pleasant, NJ.
They all possess the energy, some of it negative, of the previous owners.
We won't go into detail about these items, but whoever buys any of them would be taking home more that he/she expected.
This wreath features a pentacle that evokes uneasiness in several people who view it or come in contact with it. The creator is willing to sell it for the right price. Contact with an offer.