The Haldeman Mansion
      SCOPE NJ was one of the first paranormal research groups to investigate the Haldeman Mansion during the fall of 2013. Initally, the Haldeman Mansion Preservation Society insisted that only certain evidence obtained from paranormal investigations would be authorized for public display. They wanted to emphasize the historic aspect of the mansion and grounds without any reference to the site being haunted. Therefore, we were told that no mention was to be made of the mansion's real name; its exact location/address was not to be listed; and no exterior photos of the ediface could be displayed on the site in order to preserve its anonymity. We agreed to their terms and for two seasons our website featured select evidence approved by the Society with the stipulation that the mansion could only be referred to by a contrived name-- "Galbac Hall."
Recently though, there has been a major shift of attitude with the discovery that the substantial fees paranormal research groups are now paying for permission to investigate the site facilitated broad maintenance and improvement of the mansion and grounds. They realized that if they wanted to sustain the flow of these important funds, the "cat had to be let out of the bag." Thus, permission is now being granted for groups to use the mansion's real name and they can also list its location and photos of the building exterior.
     We are not listing historical information of the Haldeman Mansion on this page as we've provided a link for you on our "Links" page. However, below we've added some material that originally did not fall into the parameters established by the Haldeman Mansion Preservation Society. Let it be known that SCOPE NJ highly recommends that other research groups make arrangements to investigate this wonderful historic site. You definitely will not be disappointed. Feel free to contact us if you'd like some tips for researching HM.
Background Information
Date of Investigation:  October 5, 2013
Time:  8:00 p.m.
Location: Haldeman Mansion, 230 Locust Grove Road, Bainbridge, PA
Weather:  Fair, Temperature-76 degrees F; Humidity- 71%; Barometer- 30.03; Wind- SE at 0-4 mph.
Solar Activity: Normal
Lunar Phase: New Moon
SCOPE NJ Investigators:  Tom, Carol, Michelle, and Steve.
Guest Investigators: Diane and Nicole
Site Caretaker: Lora of Faith Paranormal
Equipment Employed:  Lorex CCTV day/night camera system; Sony DCR-DVD810 camcorder; Sony DSC-W650 digital camera; Sony DSC-V1 Nightshot IR; Nikon CoolPix; K2 Meter; EMF-822A meter; MEL-ATDD Digital Multi-Use EMF/Temp. meter; Olympus VN-960 PC and Sony digital voice recorders; Motorola walkie-talkies; Brunton digital weather instrument package; UV and IR illuminators; Jacob's Ladder Ghost Magnet; Geophone vibration detector; E-Pod static charge detector; P-SB7 Ghost Box.
Summary of the Investigation
Our team arrived shortly before 8:00 p.m. We were greeted by Lora of Faith Paranormal who briefed us on the mansion's history and took us on a tour of the facility.  Shortly thereafter, we set up our base of operations in a room adjoining the kitchen on the 1st floor. Throughout the evening and early the following morning, digital recordings, videos, and photos were taken with emphasis on hotspots as suggested by Lora. 
Stairway to the attic.
Digital Photos
(Right) Paint chips decorate an old, creepy spider web in the Haldeman cellar where there are numerous places to investigate.
Of the exterior photos taken of the hall itself, only two (enlarged below) showed anomalys in the mansion's windows that is inconclusive. One could be construed as showing the left side of a female hunched over in an 1800's-styled dress.  This photo is open to question as the discoloration on the small panes of glass could be the substance that appears to be her dress.  However, the figure does seem to display a facial profile and faint outlines of its arms.
The other photo shows what we believe to be a negative energy orb with jagged edges and complex composition.
Steve's orb photos taken on the 2nd floor of the summer house are quite interesting.  Lora, Diane, and Nicole heard the bed stationed on the 2nd floor slam up and down while they were on the 1st floor. Nobody was upstairs at the time.  The ladies immediately asked Steve and Tom to join them via walkie-talkie. Upon investigating the 2nd floor, the digital photos captured what we think are genuine spirit orbs--particularly the rose-colored orb featured in our enlargement of the photo.
Photos by Tom
Photo by Steve
Photos by Tom
Photos by Tom
Diane and Nicole react to an unknown noise.
EVP Evidence
"Chill out!"
"Save one for me!"
Michelle gets an answer, "Yes, I can!"
Stereo speakers or earphones with volume controls are recommended.
"Make a right at the rocking chair!"
Footsteps on the 2nd Fl. Summer Kitchen
More footsteps. Tom comments. The team agrees. Then Ovilus III says, "A bitch!"
 Carol gets an answer, "Everything!"
"I'm glad you did it!'
CCTV Clips
SCOPE NJs four day/night cameras were stationed in the Hall as follows: Artifact room--1st floor; Servant's room--2nd floor; Master bedroom--2nd floor; and attic foyer--3rd floor. These locations were recommended by Lora of Faith Paranormal. Her group had previously investigated this site.
Most cameras recorded orb activity of some kind. 
A rare video of a vortex was recorded in the servant's room. One of the photo experts that helps us with our analyses could not identify what generated this vortex or its composition.
Vortex in Servant's Room
Disappearing Orb in Servant's Room
Commentary and Conclusions
No SCOPE NJ investigators reported any negative experiences throughout the duration of our stay at this location with one exception. When Lora opened up the summer house to permit some of us to enter, Diane immediately reacted to a strong, moldy odor that poured out from the doorway of the house. She gagged and coughed for several minutes until it abated. Everything was fine once the house was aired out. The summer house is the oldest building on the property and very active.
None of the investigators felt threatened or ill at ease at any time despite the occasional sounds of unexplained footsteps or the bed in the summer house thumping up and down.
Based on a review of the evidence, it appears that the Haldeman Mansion may have some paranormal activity taking place. This is especially born out by the EVPs that were captured on our digital recorders. This is also supported by the fact that certain EVP responses were directly related to the questions posed by the investigators. Unexplained sounds of footsteps also added credibility. So is the Haldeman Mansion haunted? We must emphasize that more evidence is necessary to firmly reach that conclusion. Further, it also should be noted that we did not sense that anything in the hall was menacing, threatening, or evil. We believe that it is a fascinating historical edifice that should be maintained for posterity. If it has ghosts, we feel they are harmless and are no cause for alarm or anxiety. Indeed, their presence may add a wonderful nuance to the aggregate personality of the estate.
Photos by Carol
John Haldeman
Photos by Carol
A nasty looking negative energy orb in a 2nd. Floor Window
Nicole and Michelle investigate a room where noises were heard.
The Haldeman Mansion exterior with the highly active summer house in the background.
Another exterior photo taken of a sycamore tree on the grounds of the estate, revealed a ghostly white amorphous shape partially hidden by the tree.
Investigators heard loud noises coming from this 2nd floor bedroom of the summer house. Note the rumpled matress and covers on the bed. Lora told us that this building is even older than the mansion and is one of the most haunted locations on the property.
Renovations at the mansion included boarding up of certain walls and the installation of heating/air conditioning ducts that resulted in excavation and fractured timbers. Are the spirits still objecting to these changes?
Want to learn more about the Haldeman Mansion?
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