One of the very best tools for researching the paranormal is the voice recorder. Since spirits are associated with electromagnetic energy, they are evidently able to impress their messages directly onto the matrix of the digital recorder or audio tape. That is why an investigator will not normally hear ghostly voices at the research site until the recording is played back or downloaded to a computer for analysis. These eerie voices comprise Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP for short.
     SCOPE prefers to use digital recorders for this research. We also utilize Audacity software for EVP analysis as its waveform structure and editing tools allow us to selectively eliminate background noise, filter out interference, and amplify the paranormal voices and mysterious sounds. Investigators rank the quality of EVP recordings according to a system of classification as follows:
     Class A: Excellent sample...clearly understood, requires little or no software enhancement or amplification.
     Class B: EVPs usually fall into this category. Audio software can make the sample understandable through amplification, noise reduction, and an assortment of filters. With this treatment, some recordings can often be brought up to the quality of a Class A. Usually, however, certain parts of the recording may be interpreted differently by the listeners.
     Class C: Lacks overall integrity and is usually thrown out as supportive evidence. Audio software fails to make the sample understandable or loud enough to be taken seriously as evidence.
Electronic Voice Phenomena
Strong male voice says, "Hey you! Come here! Quick!"
My partner says, "Which way do you want to go, left or right?" Before I could answer, a raspy voice clearly says, "right!"
The famously haunted 3rd floor of the Shanley Hotel.
I say,"This is where the footsteps were." My partner says, "In there?" And then a deep, deep male voice says, "In here!"
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The following are a few examples of EVP that we captured at the Shanley Hotel in Napanoch, NY on June 20, 2010 beginning at 1:50 a.m. I was working with another investigator on the third floor. Click on the speaker symbol to start EVP. Volume may have to be adjusted for each sample and earphones will enhance the sound.