With few exceptions, most of our equipment is standard issue for paranormal research organizations. It is important that participants of these groups familiarize themselves with every aspect of equipment function, use, and maintenance. The list below is not all inclusive, but representative of our inventory:
Here, improperly shielded wiring produced high electromagnetic fields throughout the basement of this private residence that extended to the upper floors. At such consistently high levels, the homeowner might suffer from headaches, nausea, dizziness, chills, and the feeling that there is a strange presence lurking in the house.
Other factors such as faulty plumbing, house settlement, wind, vibration, and assorted electrical problems can cause a homeowner to suspect ghostly activity. Effective use of SCOPE
equipment can help identify these environmental influences.
No ghosts here! Just high EMFs.
SCOPE will always attempt to rule out natural causes for observed phenomena before we make any conclusions regarding paranormal activity.
A van or SUV is a practical way to transport the equipment to the investigation site.
A tri-meter with an audio alarm feature is positioned on a bench in the cellar of a Civil War era house in Gettysburg. Bogus Confederate money was strewn about the meter as bait to lure spirits from that era. A camcorder (out of the picture) was trained on the meter to document the experiment.
Michelle is using a combination ambient temperature and humidity device with a digital readout.
Steve wears a hard hat. Specialized equipment such as this is essential when investigating dangerous ruins or other venues where falling debris can lead to a serious injury.
Carol uses an Investigation Record Form to list important data. SCOPE maintains detailed information for every investigation.
Checking remote camera positions on the monitor prior to investigating the Jenny Wade House in Gettysburg.
Sound of a Trifield 100XE detecting EMF in alarm mode.
Click button for sound!
A Mel-ATDD Digital multi-use EMF/Temp. meter and an E-Pod static charge detector were placed in a fireplace location of a private residence where phenomena has been reported. A temperature drop audio alert from the Mel meter's thermistor correlated with EVP results.
480 TVL Motion DVR Video Camera
P-SB7 Ghost Box
View Sonic PJD5123 SVGA DLP Projector
Jacob's Ladder (High voltage traveling arc)
Ovilus III
Magnetic Lines-of-Force Generator
TriField Natural EM Meter
Lorex LSC015 1080p Mini-Camcorder
MEL-ATDD Multi-use EMF/Temp. meter
Troy-Bilt TB7000 XP Generator
Strike Alert Lightning Detector
Flir TG-165 Thermal Imaging Camera
EDI Meter
Proton Pack (Only Kidding!)
Bell&Howell 550HDZ full spectrum camera
Tascam DR-05 Linear PCM Recorder Ver.2
Specialized Equipment
Steve's home-crafted Jacob's Ladder-- A high voltage arcing device that we take to select investigation sites. Since it is believed that ghosts require substantial energy to manifest and/or communicate, the Jacob's Ladder can be considered a "ghost magnet"! However, the device must be turned off prior to employing digital recorders and other instruments since it generates extreme interference.
Push button to start and then click on the screen twice if you want a larger image.
A CDV-700 geiger counter was modified to accommodate an amplifier and speaker. The audible clicks of beta and gamma particles obviate the need to wear earphones in dark locations. Handy for locating dimentional portals
E-Pod Static Charge Detector
It's believed that ghosts carry static electric charges. Perhaps that is why you may have the hair stand up on the back of your neck when you're in a haunted environment. The E-Pod lights announce the movement and proximity of positive and negative static electric charges. Ergo it's a handy device to have with you on a "ghost hunt".
The MEL-ATDD combination meter can be an effective adjunct to a trigger prop. Here, the REM antenna is clipped to a toy metal swing. If the toy is touched, the lights and sound of the MEL meter are activated. A video camera should be trained on this arrangement for supportive evidence.
This instrument is proving to be a valuable adjunct to our equipment inventory. So far, results have been impressive.
This device consists of nothing more than a spinning rare earth magnet that generates extensive lines of force. Plans for this piece of equipment are readily obtained by typing in "E-Pump"on your You Tube search. The only true "electro"magnetic field is emitted by the tiny electric motor that spins the magnet. Yet, the lines-of-force from the spinning magnet do cause EMF meters to register high readings in close proximity to the device. Can it attract ghosts? So far, we are not impressed with the results.
EMF Pump or a Simple Lines-of-Force Generator?
This is a very sensitive meter that is ideally suited for paranormal research in that it measures natural or DC generated EMFs. It's best placed on a table or other location and not handheld. One of the best meters for paranormal investigations, it also boasts an alarm that can be set by users to indicate spikes in EMFs --perfect for obtaining "yes" or "no" answers during EVP trials.
The Lorex LSC015 1080 Mini-Cam
Here's a great little HD video/sound camera, only 3.5" long, that comes with a several mounting adapters. Put it on your car's dash, attach it to your hat, or just carry it in your hand. Comes with a spare packet of O-rings, a charger, and a solid cap for underwater use. Will accept up to a 32 Ghz. mini-chip. Cost? You won't believe how inexpensive it is! Our initial tests with this device were quite positive!
Some paranormal researchers believe that negatively charged ions indicate the presence of ghosts. The Air Ion Counter is a device that reveals the number of both positive and negative ions in at a given location. Since it has a margin of error of plus or minus 25%, several readings must be taken and averaged to obtain a working value.This item is rather costly ($595.00 +), and out of reach for most investigative groups.
The Lorex Mini-Cam is light enough to be transported by a child's toy RC van into tight crawlspaces and attics. We suggest that you tie a length of strong fishing line to the rear bumper. If the van gets snagged on something you should be able to retrieve it.
This pod comes in different models. The basic one radiates its own EMF and its colored lights and distinctive sounds react according to the composition, proximity, and source of the intrusive object. Certain models also offer SDD (shadow detection) and ATDD (Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection).
This instrument can amplify sounds as much as 300 feet away. It can be connected to a digital voice recorder, and with its optical view finder you can zero-in on the audio source. Can be adjusted to find particular sounds. It's a handy device to have for indoor and outdoor use.
Air Ion Counter
TriField Natural EM Meter
Geiger Counter
P-SB7 Ghost Box
Electronic Listening Device
Here's a Sony DCR-DVD-810 camcorder attached to a bracket that holds 2 IR Ghost Hunting Lights that we obtained from GhostWare Pro (See our Links page). Each light has 48 IR LEDs that together can provide substantial IR light to illuminate the darkest rooms and larger areas. The 810 has a Nightshot feature that's perfectly suited for this use and offers a choice of internal memory, DVDs, or Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo chips.
The new Flir TG-165 brings thermal imaging within easy reach of most paranormal research groups. The price is nominal for the features it displays. It's very easy to use and comes with an 8 Gig microchip capable of saving dozens of pictures that are easily uploaded to your computer.
Packaged with this product is a charger, handbook, and power adapters for use in foreign countries.
Tom field tested the TG-165. It performed flawlessly.
Interpreting your thermal images takes some practice.
Check out Ghost Hunting Tips III for some suggestions regarding its use.
Flir's TG-165 Thermal Imaging Camera
Get yourself a nifty vest with several storage pockets. It's a very convenient way to carry an assortment of equipment and other essentials around with you when you're on an investigation.
It will easily hold small cameras, EMF meters, spare batteries, pad and pencil, walkie-talkie, flashlights, etc.

Equipment List
Antique Ghost Hunting Equipment
     We couldn't resist putting this photo on our equipment page. If you examine it carefully, you'll be able to pick out some ghost hunting tools that were used during the last century.
     It's just the kind of box that Harry Price {1881 - 1948}, one of the forerunners of ghost research, would have used in his work.
     Can you spot the talcum powder, reel-to-reel tape recorder, compass, flashlight, and notebook and pencil? I'm sure the Ouija Board came in handy for spirit communication. Also make note of the religious tools that were used for protection and exorcism.
     Of course, some of these items are still employed today. For example, the compass was an early EMF detector.
     How times have changed!
Photo Courtesy of Bing Images
Joel sets up his EDI Meter on a coffee table.