Founder/Lead Investigator; BA; MS; CSW
  Data Analyst/Investigator; BS
Tech Manager/Lead Investigator
                   Investigator; BS
Steve is the owner of a heating and cooling business in New Jersey. Both he and his wife, Michelle, share a deep interest in the paranormal, and they have investigated many haunted venues. Steve's knowledge of electronics, physics, and mechanics has enabled SCOPE NJ to remain up-to-date in a wide range of paranormal research and applied technology.
   Michelle is Director and Chief Compliance Officer for a financial services firm. She has a degree in Information Technology and is a Certified Information Security Manager. Michelle grew up in a house where discussions and research pertaining to the paranormal were commonplace and became the foundation for her interest in ghosts and other unexplained phenomena. She assists investigations by helping to match equipment placement to active site locations.
Carol is a retired teacher with a special interest in all things paranormal. She is a keen observer and is sensitive to the presence of entities in buildings, cemeteries, and other haunted venues. A stickler for details, Carol painstakingly records baseline data and other pertinent information derived from SCOPE investigations.
  Tom is a retired educator with a deep interest in studying and investigating paranormal phenomena. Tom and his wife, Carol, have traveled throughout the United States and Europe and have visited a number of haunted sites and mysterious locales. They've experienced full-bodied apparitions, strange sounds, odors, cold spots, as well as the creepy sensation of being touched by invisible hands. On a lighter note, Tom also enjoys writing, gardening and wine appreciation. Some of his authored works have appeared in FATE and Weird New Jersey magazines. His e-book, Precious Yesterdays, can be found on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.
Investigator/Sensitive; BS
Ashley has a unique gift. She is able to perceive spirits which makes her a special asset to our team. Besides a fascination with the paranormal, Ashley's interests include theater arts, music, and reading.
She is also a certified life guard. Ashley works for an insurance firm.
Dottie is a realtor by trade and also a faux painter. Her creativity, imagination, and social conditioning have enhanced her empath abilities. Ever since she was a child, Dottie's paranormal experiences have left her questioning these incidents. Working with SCOPE has enabled her to better understand these phenomena.
     Co-Founder and Lead Investigator
John is a small business contractor with a deep interest in paranormal phenomena and research. He displays a sixth sense while exploring haunted locations and is familiar with state-of-the-art ghost hunting equipment and techniques. His other interests include wine appreciation, gardening, raising prize chickens, and beekeeping.
Chad had always been intrigued with the paranormal and is well-read on the subject. He loves adventure and will not hesitate to investigate the creepiest (and dangerous) of locations. Chad works in the high-tech industry and lends his expertise to SCOPE NJ.
Investigator AAS BS MBA
Meet Our Team
Dianne is a retired Administrative Assistant. She has two children and 5 grandchildren. She became interested in the paranormal many years ago and has read and continues to read many books on the subject. She's traveled to several haunted venues throughout the USA, and has worked with a number of ghost hunting celebrities and psychics. Her other interests include sewing, gardening, traveling, visiting paranormal sites, and spending time with her family.
Joel is employed in Medical Laboratory Science specializing in cancer diagnosis. He's married with two daughters, and his hobbies include paranormal research/investigation, photography, music, reading, and technology. He aspires to travel more, interact with more people, learn another language, and be involved in some way with higher/continuing education. He follows the Science Channel mantra, "Question Everything!"
 Lead Investigator
Evidence Analyst
Rose Marie
Rose Marie has investigated many haunted environments including private homes and historical sites. She became aware of her gift at an early age. She uses automatic writing as a tool to communicate with her guides and various entities by writing down what is being communicated mentally to her.
She is also a retired Sign Language Interpretor who worked with people who are deaf or hard of hearing. She also worked and advocated for those with mental health and physical disabilities. She enjoys traveling, creative cooking, and learning new languages.
Steve and Chad listen to a client report about the events taking place in her house.
L to R: Tom, Diane, Rose Marie, Joel, Pat, Frank
at Princeton Cemetery
Diane and Carol record baseline readings in a private historic house.
Investigator and Coordinator of SCOPE NJ
Paranormal Field Activities
Pat's interest in the paranormal started at a young age. She has always been sensitive to the presence of spirits in her own home and in her travels throughout the world. Her career has included management positions in marketing, retailing, advertising, technical writing, and catering. She is married and has one daughter. It is her hope that her paranormal sensitivity will help others to achieve a sense of peace in their lives.
Frank refers to himself as a Cosmographer, having a curiosity of all things in the universe. His international experience in Civil Engineering, Construction and large project Construction Management brings an analytic
eye to investigations. Knowing the historical and contemporary construction methods of buildings and earthwork, he can ascertain the reasons behind most of the EMF readings obtained as being normal or paranormal. He has experienced full-bodied apparitions, cold spots, non-source light and warmth, and the curiosity of entities.
Tom, Ashley, Carol, Michelle, and Steve in Gettysburg
Tatiana has always been drawn to the supernatural in general and has been sensitive to many spirits from an extremely young age. She has an AS in Art and is currently working on a BA in Digital Media. She is also a multi-medium artist specializing in Photoshop, InDesign, Muse, Drawing, Charcoal, Pastels, Collage, Photography and Painting. Tatiana believes that both art and the paranormal can teach us a variety of things that can help us with our everyday lives.
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As always, we appreciate your interest in joining our group, and we continue to welcome your comments and website contributions.
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We've had the opportunity during the past several months to involve our medium, Rose Marie, in our SCOPE NJ investigations. During that time, through trial and error, we've formulated effective ways to utilize her special talent as we maintain our emphasis on a scientific approach with the additional insight and discoveries of a gifted medium. For a more in-depth analysis of this methodology, please visit our site page,"Are You Haunted?" A click on the line below will take you there!
Go to "Are You Haunted?"
Laurie brings extensive ghost hunting experience to SCOPE NJ, but she's also very talented in other pursuits. Besides being a mom of three, she's been a foster mom to over 60 kids. Her hobbies include camping, fishing, crocheting, travel, and animal welfare.
At the Burrowes Mansion in Matawan, NJ
Preliminery tour on April 24, 2017 prior to formal investigation on June 10th. Details will appear on the website in the fall.
Joel listens to a client's description of suspected paranormal events in her house prior to our investigation in June, 2017
Full spectrum image of some of our team members at initial visit of Burrowes Mansion in Matawan, NJ