Are You Haunted?
     Scientific Confirmation of Paranormal Events, SCOPE NJ, is a paranormal research organization dedicated to helping people who are repeatedly experiencing troubling unexplained phenomena in their homes or other locations. These events may take on many forms and may include the following: strange noises; mysterious voices or beastly sounds; frightening apparitions or mists; shadowy figures; bewildering odors; unexpected cold spots or chills; the feeling when you're alone and that someone or something else is in the room with you; the unexplained disappearance or reappearence of objects; being touched, scratched, shoved, or punched by an invisible assailant, and perhaps a daily persistent sense of dread that something unpleasant is going to happen.
     If you are experiencing any of these things, why not give us a call or send us an e-mail for a free consultation. Besides ghosts or other paranormal events, we've often discovered a variety of natural causes for these troubling issues.
"The SCOPE NJ team was so friendly and informative. They were respectful of my home and all of the inhabitants (seen and unseen). I was allowed to participate if I felt inclined. In reviewing the evidence, Tom and Carol walked us through interpreting what they found on their equipment, offered a written interpretation, and gave us downloads to review on our own time. All in all, I enjoyed having the SCOPE NJ crew come to investigate my home and feel much more at ease after having discussed their findings. Thank You!"
Kim. Sterling, N.J.
"These folks are the real deal. I just saw a presentation that they gave at East Brunswick Public Library. I really respect the fact that they try to debunk reports of hauntings (Is it faulty electrical? A squirrel in the attic? etc.) before they turn to the paranormal investigation. The video and audio clips that they showed us gave me chills!"
Beth, East Brunswick, N.J.
A Few Comments from People We Helped
"I just wanted to express my gratitude for all the time you have invested in my case. Many thanks for taking the time to meet with me and conducting the investigation. Please let Steve and Carol know how grateful I am for their work as well."
C.R., Old Bridge, N.J.
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 "We had a friend refer them to us, and with the activity going on in our home they were extremely professional and had "up to date" technology. Also, they allowed us in on the time they spent there. They found A LOT of things going on in our home and helped us understand the activity and maybe why these things were happening. They even spent time prior to coming in researching the house and past owners to see if anything was any connection. After they packed up, a few weeks later they came back, sat, and explained all the evidence they found. I was astounded by the things that came up! I would DEFINITELY recommend these guys!! It was a pleasure!" Nicole, Manville, N.J.
"We really appreciate the time and effort that you put into this for us to get answers to some questions once and for all. We enjoyed meeting you and wish you the best in all of your endeavors!
Tom & Zeynep, Moorestown, NJ
"Thank you again for taking time out to look into my case. I truly do appreciate it! " Angela, Old Bridge, NJ
Is it ghosts or...something else?
     Due to an increased demand for our services, we are now obliged to request reimbursement for travel expenses if the case requires us to visit your location more than two times. The two initial visits consist of a day or evening's investigation and a follow-up exit conference wherein we reveal our findings and evidence to you. Since each case has its own special demands, we are prepared to discuss these expenses with you if a definitive need for our return is established.
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